The Middle of November, Already.

lots of crochet owls.

I’ve been mega busy over the last couple of weeks, getting my craft on and all that. The weekend after next I will be busy trying to make people buy my wares at the PTA Christmas Fayre. I am not going to blather on today because I’m going to plonk myself down on the sofa in a minute and start some more stitching.

Anyway, before I add a few pictures of what I’ve been doing with my crafty ways, I’m just going to squeeze in some garden pictures. It’s all very well being smug about the prettiness of it in spring and summer [it was hard to choose those links as there are betweeny posts with lovely summery flowers in, I just looked in the garden category!] but I shouldn’t hide the tattiness out there come late autumn.

morning sky in november

This morning looked very promising but it’s since greyed over and is threatening rain. Again.

november garden Collage

Only mildly depressing.

nemesia still going

And I should get over myself because in other years there is no way I’d still have flowers in the garden at this time of year. The little purple flowers are a summer annual, Nemesia. Beyond the wall you can see flecks of orange, which is the nasturtium, still going strong.

Another november garden Collage

The blue sky didn’t last. The pumpkins are still resisting the urge to disappear. I chucked them in the runner bean grave after Halloween. Sadsack leeks are sharing the space. Just blinkin well grow, please.

november garden from above

View from above. Bottom left is where I lobbed all the twigs from the Halloween decorations. The kids have played with them in their funny games.

felt xmas decs being made

This is what I’m working on at the moment. Lots of felt decorations. Some I’ve made before, some I’m just making up as I go. I’ve designed them all myself, if you can call it that. Not sure how hard it is to draw a Christmas tree really (not very?). And it’s a big lie anyway because my eldest boy drew out the Elf boot last year and I helped modify it. That one, he is the designer of.

fabric for xmas decs

I rummaged through the fabric drawer for any green and red fabric I had. Mostly it is just scraps but I reckon I can work something out. There is new stuff there too; the reindeer fabric and the stuff above it is a recent impulse buy.

crochet owl decorations

And then there are these jobbies. To ensure I had a lot of them I have done away with the colour changes that made me thing of these as Granny owls. Making them up in just one colour was a lot quicker and they still look nice.

I did blathering when I didn’t want to. Wasting precious making time…. And I’m also trying out a C2C crochet blanket, which I forgot to take a picture of. It’s mainly for stash busting purposes and I wanted to try something new. Any way, I”m off!

11 thoughts on “The Middle of November, Already.

  1. You’re right, the owls look just as effective in just one colour and if it saves time then why not. Love the reindeer fabric – very classy in grey, yet still very Christmassy. Can I ask where you bought it?

    1. I’m all for time saving at the moment! I bought the reindeer fabric about two weeks ago at the fabric shop in axminster, opposite the’s a crazy cave of fabric and wool. It’s small but you could easily get lost.

    1. Provided you don’t have to make a million of them, they are quite quick to stitch together. I never thought I’d like making stuff with felt, it reminded me too much of the rubbish I used to make at school!

  2. Wow you HAVE been busy and you have reminded me that I was only going to spend 10 mins on the computer over an hour ago as my Christmas crochet won’t do itself. Good luck with your PTA stall, I love your felt decorations and owls. And I think your garden looks lovely even without flowers. I’m off to get hooking now….. 🙂

    1. I do that way too much. Most of the time I forget the reason I went of the computer on the first place. An hour can pass very easily. However, this week I’ve been making/crafting non stop. I’ve just poured some wine though…

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