Nothing much on a Friday.


I’ve been mostly rushing to finish a blanket in time for the weekend. It needs to be done for Sunday. I’ve just finished sewing in all the ends. Such a rubbish job. Does anyone actually enjoy it?!

ends sewn in.

Just the border to go. I’ll make a start tonight and see how I go.

circular needles

Quite excited about the arrival of circular knitting needles in the post. I also bought some normal ones this week. I reminded myself a couple of weeks ago about the knit stitch. Very early days.

And that is it for this week. However, before I go off for the weekend I want to say a Thank You to:

Maura from The Messy Brunette,

Erin from Erin andSky

Bessie from Shell and Bobbles,

All of these fabulous people nominated me for a One Lovely Blog award.

I ran out of time this week and haven’t been able to do it. I can’t even think of seven facts that people might find interesting. Is liking lots wine a fact? Sitting on the sofa? Hopefully, I’ll get some inspiration next week. Also thinking about whom to nominate is making me fret. There really are some lovely blogs out there and some are on my Blog Roll (on the right). It is not limited to those, there are loads that I think are great. Anyway, I’m off. Running out of time for everything…









11 thoughts on “Nothing much on a Friday.

  1. I can’t believe that you have almost finished your spice of life, have you slept?! It looks fabulous. That’s a lovely collection of circular needles. I don’t think I’d use straights at all now.


  2. Your blanket is flipping brilliant…..and sewing in ends and woolly tails…..not a job I particularly like either, I’ve still got a couple of thousand to sew in on my grannies paperweight one….I’m very jealous of your one though.
    Your circular needles are really interesting, at first I thought they were rice noodles x

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