Spring plants and flowers at Escot Park.


It was half term last week and on Monday I took my boys to Escot Park near Ottery St Mary, Devon. We’ve got an annual pass as it isn’t far from where we live. It has loads of stuff for the children to do and lots of interesting things to see.

This year there will be even more to see as there will be new enclosures for some animals. They already have an excellent space for red squirrels (if you’re lucky they come up and say hello to you. They might even try to search your pockets for nuts!!). There are otters, wild boar and birds of prey too and they will soon be joined by lynx, wolves, wild cats and pine martins. I think that’s right, I’m saying it from memory.

Escot also has lots of interesting trees and plants. This is the bit I like. At different times of year there is always something beautiful to see. I will go back and see the bluebells and at some point, enthusiastically yet carefully put my nose in all the roses of the walled garden.

Excuse me if the picture quality is dodgy, I took these photographs on my phone. The only thing I’ve done is to squash the size down a bit.




Who doesn’t love a teasel?!

Apologies if you’re not keen on snowdrops…








The snowdrops were amazing. I don’t recall seeing them there before, must’ve always missed them. I got told off by the boys at this point, for taking too many photos. They wanted to go and play on the pirate ship.


Good old crocus.


I don’t normally like camelias but even I thought these ones were beautiful.


I used to want cyclamens in the garden but they look better in this environment. Plus I did plant some a few years ago and I reckon the vine weevil got them. They never did come back.


So, yeah, that was nice. The boys had fun and so did I. It was a lovely sunny day. I’m glad we went. I shall take small boy back next week if the weather is good. Gotta get my money’s worth on that annual pass.

13 thoughts on “Spring plants and flowers at Escot Park.

  1. I really enjoyed your pictures and I love snowdrops! I never could get cyclamens to live either. Wonder what the secret is?

    Have a great week!

    1. Thank you! I don’t think I’ve ever seen cyclamens growing in an ordinary garden, just places with lots of grounds like Escot. I saw blankets of them at Agatha Christie’s house on the river Dart. They were brilliantly pink! And my snowdrops are sad single things, not these gorgeous clumps. It’s good to visit places that do have them.

  2. I think your pictures are lovely. It looks like it was as sunny day for a change! I am glad you all enjoyed yourselves. I am at Furzey Gardens tomorrow doing my volunteering, perhaps I will have to take a few photos although I don’t think my phone takes such clear pictures – but maybe it is me, not the phone! The crocuses and snowdrops are looking good there at the moment too.

    1. Thanks. They look alright on the phone but not so much on a PC. Maybe you’d be interested in visiting Escot when you’re here next. I can’t guarantee any pretty flowers though.

  3. Those snowdrops basking in the rays of sunlight are beautiful. Just reading your comment above, is Greenway as pretty in the Spring as the Summer? I am an Agatha Christie nut and have only been once, I could have spent a week wandering through the gardens alone!

    1. I’ve only been there once and it must’ve been early spring. I liked getting lost in all the paths. That boat house was just asking to be a murder scene. I’d like to go back as it was a good adventure. My in-laws live nearby so I’m sure I’ll get the opportunity. My sister in-law is also nuts for Agatha but I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read any of her books. Not yet anyway. I’m sure they’d be right up my street. Which would you recommend?

      1. I think they are all fab but they do vary. Dead Man’s Folly is the Poirot that was filmed at Freeway. You can get the Poirot and Miss Marple collections on the Kindle reasonably. Sadly when we moved I got rid of my entire book collection in a moment of madness. I had spent twenty years plus collecting them and some were really old.

      2. Definitely a moment of madness! I hate it when I do things like that. I’ll make an effort to read one of her books. I guess they must be well loved, I don’t see them in charity shops very often!

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