Since it’s Spring…

pretty crocus

The garden is slowly waking up. We’re still not in “pretty” territory but it’s on its way.

spring flowers

The muscari in my garden are well behind others. I see them all over town; big and bright, in huge swathes or on their own, poking out of cracks in the pavement . This is their second year in the garden, I guess they need to establish themselves before being impressive.

New Forget Me Nots.

Forget me nots are so pretty when in their masses. In their masses they can get fungal diseases, which I think occurred last year when it was really soggy. I can see dark splotches on the leaves, which I reckon is fungal. I could tear them all up and give them a break but I’ll see how it goes.


Celandines are usually one of the first flowers to come round after winter. I would have had more but when we first moved in I ripped them all out. I didn’t know what they wear. They’d probably be considered weeds in someone else’s garden but I like the bright they bring.

Budding branches.

Living twigs. That’s the fig on the left and on the right is some sort of miniature cherry relative. Dancing with the butterflies? Something like that.

Crocus in the garden.

The crocuses in my garden are few and far between. I must have planted hundreds of bulbs in all the autumns we’ve lived here and yet I see very few waiting to come back after each of their first appearances.

Peony in March

Isn’t this a bit early for a peony? I used the macro lense for this but I struggle to see where the focus is and so I wiggle the lense miniscule amounts and take a picture at each wiggle (I know where I want the focus to be but it doesn’t always end up in the right place) . The margin for accurate focus is barely anything. I think I’m doing something wrong.


I’ve had erysimum all through the winter. It’s gone straggly but it’s still flowering.

Daffodils still going.

There are still lots of daffs going strong. I’m amazed how long the season has been.

garden waking up.

This is the biggest area for flowers, down at the bottom of the garden. See? It hasn’t quite got there yet. There’s a lot more green than there was a couple of weeks ago though. And look at the first garden pictures I posted ten months ago (scroll past the shawl). Let’s see how it looks in another two months!


19 thoughts on “Since it’s Spring…

    1. I don’t think people who know what they’re doing wiggle the camera bits to get good pics! I love the sea of blue when there are lots of weeds… I mean, forget me nots!

    1. Thank you! I have no idea which things will come back and what it’ll look like. When I went and looked at last year’s photos I was amazed to see how different it looks to now.

  1. I’ve really enjoyed your stunning spring photos, I miss having ‘proper’ seasons here. The close up of the peony’s amazing – and yes I do think it’s a bit early! Have a great Easter break!

    1. Thank you! I’m probably going to get obsessed with taking pictures as the seasons change. There will be garden posts left, right and centre. I apologise in advance!

  2. I was looking round my garden earlier and wondering where bulbs vanish to as well.We’ve lived here 11 years,I plant bulbs every autumn,they flower the first year then ‘poof’ gone!! I have one lonely narcissus,a few scraggly snowdrops and some crocuses the birds have eaten 😮 Showstopping it isn’t 😉

  3. Your garden is a lot further on than mine – which is very shady, north east facing. I did see a bumble bee going into the cyclamen today though, which made my heart leap with the joy of Spring! I love the changing of the seasons.
    Teresa x

    1. I’m in Devon, so it usually does wake up earlier than other parts of the country. I’m not sure where we face but it’s south-something I think, so guess that’s good.

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