Into the Bluebell Woods

Into the woods

Hello, Just here to share some bluebell photos. They aren’t very good I’m afraid. I think I’m using the wrong lens again. I’m on a bit of a downer though and that usually makes me think everything is rubbish. Boo flippin hoo. Maybe tomorrow they’ll look lovely!

Anyway, here is Blackbury Camp in East Devon (not blackberry, thank you). It’s a fabulous place for bluebells and I always time my visits incorrectly. Usually I’m too early and they’re not quite out. To be honest, I don’t think these are at their peak just yet. I could go back in a day or two, it’s only a ten minute drive from me but I bet I won’t.

through holly

This is me trying to be clever. I should work on perfecting the basics of photography before getting artsy fartsy.

White bluebell

I noticed white bluebells (?) dotted about the place. What’s that about?

Sea of bluebells

It wasn’t the best day, weather wise. Mostly grey, turning sunny towards the end of the visit. Twas a Monday afternoon.

Path through the bluebells.

The history of Blackbury Camp is interesting. It’s an old Iron age fort, possibly somewhere I’d head in a zombie apocalypse. It’s a kind of oval shaped bowl with two entrances and a moaty type thing around the outside. Now it’s all mud n trees but it presumably would’ve had wooden ramparts sitting sturdily on the rim of the bowl. These pics don’t really show the shape of it but google does.

Bluebells growing

In previous years we’ve had picnics here among the bluebells in April/May or in the summer when the kids catch grasshoppers and run around playing hide n seek.

Bluebells growing on the slopes of Blackbury Camp.

Because I was unhappy with these pictures, I admit I fiddled with them on Pic Monkey. I’ve had to warm them up somewhat because they looked so dull. Obvs, I blame the weather.

Bluebell woods

This one in particular got the editing treatment. It looks better than it did but no amount of fiddling can improve a truly crud photo… pah, onwards and upwards. I’ve asked for a photography book for my birthday, which is next week. The first anniversary of my very first blog post is coming up soon too. I think I’ll write up a crochet pattern for that one as it feels like it’s been a while.  Right then, I’m off to go and cheer myself up.

28 thoughts on “Into the Bluebell Woods

  1. I don’t think they are that bad! But the books are on their way. And next Sunday you can bring your camera and we can takes lots and find out why the pictures don’t look how you want them to.

    1. I will bring my camera. I just haven’t really learned very much in the time I’ve had it. I think one of the problems might be that I don’t know how I want pictures to look. Not really…

      1. It takes time. You haven’t had it that long, and you’re a busy mother/gardener/crocheter/business woman, so just keep at it, and you will begin to pick things up and learn what you want and how to get it. And I will try and help. 😛

  2. Lively pictures. Not a bluebell in sight here. I miss English woodland walks, here everything is very dry. I will have to wait until next spring to see flowers, my grandmother was a wild flower expert so I shall enjoy learning and remembering her. She was still hiking in her 97th year!

      1. I managed to read your reply before the computer hasitly marked it as spam!! (no clue why) It sounds like a fabulous place. It would be amazing to have some big fat cherries growing nearby. No chance of that any time soon, it was snowing/sleeting yesterday!

    1. Is it what you expected? What’s the weather like? You’ll have to post some pictures! My mum is into wild flowers, I can ask about any flower and she’ll know!

      1. Luckily we have visited this area a lot so I did know what it would be like. Closer to the coast it is more like England. The bonus here is the warm weather, already mid 20s and consequently excellent fruit and vegetable growing country (with irrigation). The cherries are my favourite! I only have access to the Internet in my phone and haven’t worked out if I can write a post yet!

  3. The photo with the big trees and the hill falling away to the left…that’s gorgeous!
    You’ll feel better when the sun comes, and it will ( won’t it?).

    1. I’ve got an overactive imagination. It’s one of those “drunk at the pub” conversations that seem to happen. Everyone starts wondering what they’d do, where they’d go. Not sure I’d be a Rick Grimes but you never know…

      1. 😀 I have a love for all Zombie related films/tv progs & have watched just about every one going so I like to think i’d know what I was doing but it’s entirely probable i’d end up being the pathetic sap that can’t run fast enough & i’d get eaten in the first ten minutes 😉

      2. I went and tried jogging a few weeks ago. Just once. This was when I realised I wouldn’t last five minutes in any situation where running was concerned. I’ve read the Newsflesh trilogy by Mira Grant. It’s blogging and zombies so very relevant!

  4. Lol,i recently had a race with a 5 year old and genuinely lost,not good 😀 I’d not heard of those books so thanks,i’ll have a read.One of my main bugbears in most zombie related things is you’d think no-one had EVER watched a zombie film,no-one ever says ”Oh in Night of the Living dead they tried this” or ”In Zombieland that worked” so it’ll be good to try something where they do! 😀 I’m such a geek 😉

    1. 😀 hopefully you’ll enjoy the books, I did, and it’s probably time for a reread. Oh and another recommendation The Girl With All the Gifts. I’m off to go for a gentle stroll ;p

      1. I read some books by Sarah Lyons Fleming a few months ago,the first is Until the end of the world,they’re good ones if you enjoy a zombie book x

      2. Thanks! I’ll look them up. I was scared witless of zombies before The Walking Dead but by season 3 I was immune! I don’t consider myself a zombie fan but I do sometimes find that I’m somehow reading a related book or becoming obsessed with a certain tv show!

  5. Fret not – it’s impossible to take a bad picture of a bluebell and these are no exception. Don’t they just lift the spirit?

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