A Wander Around Haytor.

Hanging out with Dartmoor ponies.

As I mentioned in my last post, we went to Dartmoor on Sunday. Mostly this was to meet with friends for lunch but we also explored Haytor too. Usually we skip the tor and go to the pretty quarry a few hundred metres away. However, the boys wanted to climb a “mountain” so we stuck to the rocks.

haytor toes.

I think the tor looks like a giant’s foot sticking out of the ground. Too many toes I know, so a mutant giant. (I know some of those people). I haven’t managed to capture the size of it (big), the walk/climb up to it is quite hard work, especially after a roast dinner (and a late night).

The quality of the picture is not that great as I’m told my ISO number was too high for outdoors. Low number for outdoorsy pics next time.

Haytor views

This is at the foot of it. It’s easy to climb as there are steps cut into it. It’s still hugely windy up there and it makes me feel uneasy. The kids could easily get whooshed off the tops of one of the toes (I wouldn’t let them up the very tops anyway and certainly not on the big toes). I didn’t take pictures up the top because of this.

Haytor rocks

Rocks n stuff.



This guy flew around quite a bit. Think he was on the look out for someone’s picnic.

Hazy hot Dartmoor day

Then there’s the obligatory Dartmoor ponies. They were quite aloof. Not interested in talking to us at all.

Plants that grow on Dartmoor.

If you look closely, there’s loads of interesting plants living in the crevices of the rocks. Not sure what this is.

Mossy rocky blanket. Haytor, Dartmoor.

I think this might be my favourite picture. I love the mossy blanket that has come away from the granite. Apparently this picture has good bokeh!


There was a lizard sunbathing on this rock. He moved so blimmin fast, he was gone before I could ask him for a picture.

From Haytor

Some bilberries (or windberries- same thing, I think) are trying to grow here. Are they a relation of the blueberry? I could be wrong about that.

And all the faces in the rocks too! I didn’t spot David Bowie any where…

Well, that was Dartmoor. A tiny bit of it anyway. It’s a pretty big chunk of Devon. And my favourite fact about Dartmoor is, it’s radioactive! If I visit enough, I’m assuming that I will get some kind of super powers. I think that’s how it works.

10 thoughts on “A Wander Around Haytor.

  1. What a beautiful day you had! I know I would have enjoyed the hike. The succulent you found is so beautiful. Nature is amazing. And I agree with you, it does look like a giants foot sticking out! Thank you for sharing your day. Have a lovely Wednesday! Koko:)

      1. I’ve been searching for the Tor that looks like a ‘hand’ as mentioned in a book about Jamaica Inn (did you get a chance to see it?)…I’m still trying to find it, but this ‘foot’ is the closest I see. Is this it? Your pix are wonderful and remind me so much of the books I’m reading about the area!

  2. Lovely pictures! Our holiday is in Devon this year- Barnstaple in August, I can’t wait! I’m sure my kids would love to see the Giants foot on the hill… If I can face the climb! Xx

    1. You definitely need to go to Braunton Burrows then. Best sand dunes ever! Next to Saunton Sands, which is a stunning beach and just round the corner from Barnstaple.

  3. Hi, I’m so glad you found me and now I’ve found you. Love your pictures of Dartmoor, I was born in Devon and spent most of my childhood on Dartmoor with my Little brother and parents, happy days. I remember the landscape, colours and remoteness so well. Even the many little streams with crystal clear waters, we had so much fun. I now live in Derbyshire, lush and green, just has beautiful, but in a different way. Thank you for sharing your photos, I’ve had a trip down memory lane x

    1. Oh good! Lovely!! I love Dartmoor, it’s just beautiful. We used to go exploring all the time (before the children) . I think we’ll start visting more, now they’re getting older. My favourite is swimming/wading in the rivers!

  4. I am certain the rock is the foot of a giant. And it should have six toes because the giants had six toes on each foot. If you can allow for the possibility that the past was not exactly like the present—just that one allowance—there is lots of fun to be had looking for giant parts using just the web. There is a mountain in Spain…Montgo. It looks like sleeping elephant on the outside. After exploring it’s interior voids, caves and passageways, an American ex-pat chiropractor is certain it really is one. (Stellium7 on YouTube).

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