Finding time in the Holidays.

crochet half circle

Finding time in the holidays to do crafty things… it isn’t really happening. I’ve got some new ideas too; I’d like to play but can’t. But this is the holidys and I’m just busy. Mind you, the lovely day out I planned only took about two hours and we’ve been at home all afternoon. All the “fun” things are getting on my nerves.  I’ll snap out of it and share the stuff I have managed to tinker with.

writing patterns

I’m trying out an idea for something. It’s slow going because I don’t actually know how to write patterns. I wonder if there is a secret that I’m not party to? I just keep trying different ways until I get it the way I want it. Is there a formula I should know about?


This sort of thing happened a lot over the weekend.

granny square

But also this! I found sparkly yarn in Poundland. I wouldn’t have known about it if it weren’t for folk talking about it on Instagram. It’s Granny Square day today so I made this granny square to put on IG.

new wool

Why wasn’t the green sparkly?!

sari  silk spun

I also made this. Aaages and aaages ago I took part in a craft destash swap on Twitter. It was very exciting to think about what parcel I might send to my crafty partner and even more exciting to receive a present of all things that appeal to me. I got this crazy yarn, as well as many other lovely things. One of the things we had to do was make something and share it on social media. I have no idea what I’ll do with the other stuff (I might have already messed up the lovely fabric I got). Have a look at the bottom of my birthday post from May to see the other things.

crazy crochet purse

It’s a little purse. It’s just rows of half trebles, with a button hole. I lined it with some cheap Ikea fabric and roughly stitched it together. I don’t mind that it’s not neat, it isn’t supposed to be neat.

cat basket

Remember my trip down memory lane? The basket I’m supposed to be fixing has been commandeered by the cat. Youngest thought this was great and wanted to carry her about. She wasn’t best pleased.

And this hastily put together post is pretty much all I’ve had time to do. You can even spot that I was in my pyjamas for most of it! I keep forgetting to take pictures of a blanket I finished too. I’ll do that next (as long as I don’t forget again).

14 thoughts on “Finding time in the Holidays.

  1. I know what you mean about the holidays! I haven’t time to do anything ☚ī¸ But another 2 weeks n kids will be back to school & major catching up to do! Oh & I love that sparkly yarn

    1. I’m getting quite excited as my youngest will be doing two and a half days at preschool!! That’s a lot if crafting time!
      Now that I’ve got it, I’m not so sure what to use the sparkly stuff for. Maybe some amigurumi type stuff or maybe mix it in to blankety things…

  2. Your new project has me guessing!? I keep saying I need to devise my own patterns then I just end up googling stuff! Not sure I want the holidays to end, I’m liking the very slow mornings too much :

    1. It might get shelved. I’m still not sure about it. I usually end up discovering that there is something already out there, close to the idea I’ve had. And then I get in a strop for not being as clever as I thought I was!! 🙂
      I like the easy mornings too but I’m frustrated with the bickering. Youngest gets miffed by Eldest being at home. He wants him to go back to school!

  3. Roll on September crafting time! I have so much planned for my 2 and a bit hours each morning! I really need to learn to enjoy the summer holidays more!
    Really like your semi circle crochet project! Xx

    1. I know, I guess children could be included… it’s not the same though!! 😀
      My eldest can’t the hang of crochet yet (he’s 7) and my youngest (3) yanks the yarn away from me and I get cross!! Sewing is a nightmare too, they want to play with pins and needles and I get stressy. :/

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