September Garden. The End of Summer.


I am getting old; I’ve watched Gardener’s World three weeks in a row. Monty has given me a long list of garden jobs to do and I’m adding tasks quicker than I’m tackling them.


At the beginning of September, the garden still looked quite pretty. Two weeks later I’ve still got some hot pink roses and pelargoniums but other things are looking really tired.


The Japanese anemone that was beautiful two weeks ago has swapped its pink petals for cobwebs.


Spiders are eveywhere. I keep getting a faceful of garden spider. A few years ago I would have flipped my lid but I’ve gotten surprisingly used to them now. I still had an episode of Bake Off ruined by a gargantuan house spider last week. Now, those ones do make me pee my pants. It was so big you could hear its footsteps!


They’re making homes all over the garden. This teeny one has made its home in some old parsely.


Talking of bugs… I cannot believe how the cabbage white butterflies are still laying eggs. They’ve been at it all summer! I’m still out there, smooshing eggs. As I smoosh, the farty waft of brassica goes up my nose. I wonder if that’s just encouraging more butterflies to come along.


Up close the eggs they’re really interesting. I had no idea that they had those vertical ridges.


Is this one a red admiral? I’m rubbish at butterflies. I spotted it proudly sitting on my runner beans. Very haughty.


My runners have been the most successful thing this year. But mostly, it has been quite lacklustre in the veg beds. I’m going to spread what compost I have over the beds and then get my hands on some manure.


Weeds have been the happiest things.


Look at how tatty this bed has become! The shame. This weekend I took out the pea sticks and it was the first time I’d really noticed how messy it all was. I’ve been a particularly lazy gardener this year. But when spring comes around again, I’m going to be really good.


After a Gardener’s World injection I did try out some rosemary cuttings. I think I’ll smarten up the front garden with these (if they work). I don’t show pictures of the front as it is a spectacular hell hole.

himalayan-honeysuckle himalayan-honeysuckle-flower

Himalayan Honeysuckle is a weed I keep because the bullfinches come for the berries. I don’t think I’d like it otherwise.


And that’s that. Overall, I’m disappointed at how scruffy I’ve let it all become but I’m also feeling enthusiastic for next year. I think I thought that, I could get away with letting it do its own thing. It turns out that a garden is a lot of work. Monty would not approve.

17 thoughts on “September Garden. The End of Summer.

  1. Lovely photos. I always think gardening will be easier than it actually is. I guess we can’t do everything. My veg plot is in a sorry state now, I think I’ll dig it all up and research what I’m supposed to plant now.

  2. You know you’re getting old when you swap Vogue and Cosmopolitan for gardening mags and Country Living! I did years ago, so I must be at least 103 now….

    1. Haha! You’re so right! When I was 19/20 it was Cosmo, then I moved on to Empire, which I subsribed to for about ten years (pre crochet I watched a lot of movies) and now it’s all crafting magazines. I’m tempted to buy Vogue every now and then but ultimately it’s just depressing!

  3. I actually quite enjoyed strolling around your September garden! The cobweb photos are beautiful… And I think that was a red admiral, although it’s hard to tell when it won’t cooperate and open its wings. I’ve had trouble keeping up with my balcony garden… I think I might even have managed to kill a mint plant, which takes a very special kind of un-green fingers! Still, as you say, there’s always next year…

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