Feeling the chill.

knitting-with-cake-and-teaCold innit?! I’ve put the heating on and I’ve got tea, cake and knitting. Knitting, I tell you!!  This is my first ever knitting project (not counting the endless squares and “scarves” I made as a kid or the unfinished multi colour/multi stitch jumper I attempted when I was fifteen). There will be more of this next week because I definitely want to write about it when it’s finished…

january-gardenI was planning on releasing a free crochet pattern today but a thing I ordered for it hasn’t turned up. It’s gonna be super cool, why hasn’t the postman brought me the thing I need!? Boo. Instead of crafty talk I’d better do a quick garden update. It’s been a long time since I posted anything non crafty and I feel bad that I’m ignoring the garden just cos it’s winter. Winter gardens can be beautiful too. I’ve just looked up what it was like in September. Flowers!

sun high-f-stopI took these at 8.45 this morning. Different f-stop used but the same view (I’m taking a few minutes here and there to learn about my new 50mm lens that I got for Christmas).

web frozen-himalayan-honeysuckle frosty-herb cold-plant chilly-morningCripes, it was chilly. I didn’t stay out there for long. If I took my time I could get some really nice pictures. I’m a panic picture taker though and really should give myself more time to think about things like angles, lighting and focussing properly (obvious, right?!). Also I need to give myself more time when using the camera functions; actually think about how I can employ them to their best advantage. There’s a lot to process.

ice-bucketThere are still dead sparklers in this bucket. Abandoned in November. Slovenly.

potsI’m embarrassed to say that I started to tear up some of these plants the other day. They looked just like weeds.  I’d forgotten what I’d planted and assumed that they’d be bulby type plants if I’d put them there. They’re anemones! As soon as I saw their cormy bottoms, it dawned on me and I hastily shoved them back in the pot. I hope they don’t mind too much.

Even in winter, I love my little garden. It’s a mess, but that’s allowed at this time of year. Still wondering why my purple sprouting has no purple sprouting though…

Anyway, I’m off to wait by the letterbox with my knitting. On the plus side, I might be able to get my knitting done by tonight so I can wear it out later!





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  1. Sorry, my garden is covered in snow and has been for over a solid month which is quite rare for my area. Thank you for sharing your lovely winter garden – it gives me hope.

    1. I’d love some snow. We haven’t had any decent snow for about six years! I’ll be careful of what I wish for though. A month of snow would be quite a challenge here.

      1. Yes, well we normally have 3 or 4 snows that need to get shoveled off the sidewalks with plenty of breaks for it all to melt off in between, but this winter hit with a 10″ storm and then just kept piling it on ! It’s beautiful but YIKES, enough already.

    1. It feels like I’ve joined the dark side. It’s a quite exciting!! Don’t think I’ll be a knitting whizz anytime soon though.
      I live in a town that frequently smells of shit. They’re forever muck spreading on the fields!

    1. There’s hope for me yet! I really enjoyed it. I’m a wee bit tempted by a shawl but that might be a bit ambitious…. I’m scared of dropped stitches and even more scared of trying to pick up stitches! 🙂

      1. Of course there is 🙂 I always think once you’ve got your tension sorted, you should knit what you want to knit, that way you’ll enjoy it and keep going – but yes, there is such a thing as biting off more than you can chew. Shawls are big, but they don’t have to be complex and with all the beautiful yarns around, they can be pretty impressive without being hard. If you’re scared of dropped stitches knit a short piece of stocking stitch with some scrap yarn and deliberately drop a stitch then practice picking it up. I bet you don’t find it so scary after that. Mind if we’re talking huge lace shawls and dropped stitches that may be a step to far right now. Look forward to seeing what you decide to knit next.

      2. Oh, that’s a great idea. I hadn’t thought of a practice piece. Probably better than just jumping straight in. And of course, there are Life lines, which I’ve been told about too. Thanks for the tip!

      3. Oh yes, life lines – does that mean you’re thinking lace? If you drop stitches in lace you usually do need a life line as they’r near impossible pick up.

      4. Oh yes, it could, but try dropping a few on your practice piece and see how you feel about needing one then. A safety net is never a bad thing, but you mighty decide you’re happy without one 🙂

  2. Beautiful frosty photos. A winter garden is a sleeping garden in my book. I hope your anemones rally round ok!

    It’s such a pain when something you’re anxiously waiting for doesn’t arrive when you need it. We have that a lot living here. Things take at least a week to arrive from the U.K. When they do, the post office puts a card in your letter box to tell you it’s come bug you aren’t allowed to collect it until the next day… tantalizingly close but you still have to wait!! I hope it arrives for you soon 🙂

    1. Nooo, no deliveries to your door?! Oh, I wouldn’t cope very well with that!
      My youngest has been asking why all the trees are dead and I reply “they’re not dead, they’re sleeping” X

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