A March Garden.

Huzzah! Spring is here! Hello Spring! Who doesn’t swoon over spring blossom?! I can’t get enough, it’s just so lovely. This example I found in a car park. Ok, a garden centre car park but a car park nevertheless. It was smothered in busy bees, who couldn’t get enough either. I watched them go about their business for a while, Youngest had to drag me away.

These pictures were taken on my phone this morning after dropping the boys off at school. Super happy flowers. Even weedy types like celandine and daisies are cheerful.

I might have crept into people’s gardens to take some of these (probably didn’t get spotted).

There have been two periwinkle fails in my garden so I make do with walking past this lot every day instead.

Anyway, this is the garden at the moment. I’ve had two “sessions” taking photographs in the garden this week. Both have been lacking. It might be the absence of Chelsea quality plants, the disorganised appearance or just an unskilled photographer behind the lens (I’m improving on product photography but outdoor snapping is a completely different ball game). In real life I love this view; a picture of it is never the same. Hmm.

Look at all the yellow! Who is a gobbler of daffs? Someone has eaten the flowers now. I bought some slug pellets yesterday but I don’t know if daffodils are a slug’s cup of tea.

I’m glad the anemones in the border come up every year. The ones I planted in pots in the autumn haven’t flowered. They might flower in the next couple of weeks or they might not get blooms at all. They could be punishing me for tuggingΒ  at them a while back (I’d forgotten what they where, which I mentioned last time I did a garden catch up).

I’ve had a quick look at what the garden was like around this time last year. Currently, it seems to be a weeny bit behind. I wrote a very similar blog post a year ago. I’d better have a different twist on a spring garden for next year.

I think the bluebells are multiplying! No other spring bulbs I’ve ever had have done this. I’d love it if the snow drops could bring it upon themselves to do a bit of breeding or whatever it is they do. I’m fed up of sporadic lone drops. I want big ol’ clumps! Luckily, the bluebells have got enough gumption about them to get their clump on.

The happiest garden happy happened this week. I found purple sprouting! The relief!! I’m looking forward to munching on this I tell you. My all time favourite vegetable. When I was pregnant (this time four years ago) there were trips green grocers nearly every day to buy it. The man there started giving me worrying looks after a few trips.

I often have a companion when hanging out in the garden. She will follow me all over the place. I’m feeling sorry for Marceline at the moment. We’ve had a few incidents of cat wee wees in the utility room.Β  I blamed it on hyacinths the last time I got a waft but then I caught a tom nicking her dinner. He scarpered when he saw me. Of course, now I realise he’s had a spray in my house! Cheeky arse. Thankfully, it’s just the utility room (no soft furnishings) but how dare he?! Poor Marcy. I thought she had it sorted and ruled her roost but maybe she’s being bullied by the swagger monster next door. I’ve doused the place in vinegar but not sure if that’s the correct remedy.

In the interests of full disclosure: The corner of shame.Β  This is actually a potion making zone. The boys have been brewing some weird concoctions that I’m not party to. It’s this or mud pies I suppose.

The next few weeks of the garden are possibly my favourite: The bright blue clouds of forget-me-nots, the planting of veg seeds, the montana clematis! It quite possibly means more blog posts about flowers too, for which I will not apologise!

And, veering off in a completely different direction, I’m desperate to talk about the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, desperate! But I’ll keep my gob shut until next week. I’ve found a few YouTube vlogs about it but I wasn’t organised enough to do that. See you next week. Have a fabulous weekend. X



15 thoughts on “A March Garden.

  1. Thank you for reminding me that Spring is not too far away! Any signs of Spring that were popping up in my area of the world (Northeast U.S.) were slapped down and covered with snow earlier this week. I’ve got my eye on my lovely Forsythia bush – it’s just starting to get some buds and I can’t wait for the happy yellow flowers to burst out! πŸ˜€

    1. Oh my goodness, I’ve heard all about the snow! It sounds nuts!! We’ve had very little snow here (maybe two occassions of a light sprinkling). I’d love more snow but should probably be careful what I wish for! I hope it isn’t too tricksy for you.
      I’ve seen some lovely forsythia around, it’s in flower here at the moment. A very happy yellow! x

  2. Your garden is loads further on than mine! It’s amazing what effect being a bit further north has. It’s so exciting seeing all the fresh baby leaves coming through!
    Great name for your cat by the way. Ours is called Nancy!

    1. Ohh, I love the name Nancy! I wanted a girl called Nancy but wasn’t sure if it was too Oliver Twist! Anyway, I had boys so…Great cat name!
      Even Devon to Hampshire has differences (always on the phone to my mum there- who is actually originally from lancashire. Weather talk/flower talk is a must!).
      I am so looking forward to spring!. X

  3. Anything green in my yard is under a foot of snow so it is wonderful to see that spring is actually coming else where in the world. Since we are due for a little more snow tomorrow. It is safe to say that spring may not come any time soon but it will come.

  4. Ha ha, I have visions of you creeping guiltily into other people’s gardens to take photos! In reality, I’m sure they would be delighted to inspire such enthusiasm, so no creeping necessary!

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