Bluebell Time

It’s bluebell time, come on grab your friends, we’re going to visit bluebell lands…etc

I don’t know a single person that isn’t impressed with a sea of these. Let’s face it, even a single bluebell sitting on its own is pretty good. Bees especially agree.

At the weekend we had an impromptu adventure to our nearest gathering of knock your socks off bluebells. Blackbury Camp is situated on the Ottery St Mary to Seaton road and it’s beautiful and interesting at any time of the year. I wrote about it last year when I was seemingly a bit mardy. Check out my grump here.

Photographing outside views is a lot different to product photography. I’ve had more practice at the latter but not much else.  This was one of the things that was upsetting me last year. I’ve improved since then but I still don’t fully understand how to get the best shot. It’s not just about clicking away and hoping that one will turn out OK. Every picture you take should have something going for it. That’s what I think. Believe me, I totally click away and hope for the best but I also try and plan stuff too.

I wasn’t thinking about it at the time (hence the non matchy matchy) but these two pics are the left and right of the same view. We’re in an oval bowl of an iron age fort. You can run around the top “walls” or amble through the centre. What is not seen to the left is the lane that brings you here. To the right; an exit, a series of trenches and stunning views of the valley beyond. The pic above this one shows the other side of the wall and one of the trenches.

Do have bluebell woods near you? Anyone in Devon know of other pretty woods? What follows can only be described as Bluebell spam. It’s worth it though!

Spam over. And by the way, I cheated. The bumblebee shots aren’t from Blackbury Camp at all, I took them in my garden a few days before our jaunty outing! Sorry about that. The fun will never end.

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21 thoughts on “Bluebell Time

  1. There’s a spot on Dartmoor near to Haytor called Holwell Lawn, they have a batch of open air bluebells. They tend to be smaller than those in the woods but with a backdrop of Haytor and all the other surrounding granite outcrops it makes for a good sight. Can depend on the weather though these ones as they are a bit more open to the elements

  2. Totally totally gorgeous. I love bluebells and have some in my garden but it’s just so much nicer seeing them in their proper setting. Really enjoyed your bluebell spam!! X

    1. Who doesn’t love em?! You’re right though, a woodland floor looks better than a few smattering the garden (not that I’m knocking your garden obviously!) 😀

  3. We have a lovely bluebell wood at a national trust place nearby, but no time to visit thanks to jam packed weekends. (Half of my son’s class seem to have had a party in the last month!)

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