Garden Pictures for Spring

Just some garden pics. These have been taken over the last few weeks. It’s good to see what wakes up and when. There are lots of jobs that need to be done. I’ll go out there in a minute and put the bean canes up. If I can squeeze it in I’ll go to the garden centre and get some pretty annuals for the pots. I got some at the supermarket the other day but they need companions.

This iris is an unexpected visitor. I haven’t planted any in recent years and there haven’t been any flowers for that amount of time either. It must have decided to just go for it this year. I like his little spider friend!

Um, that’s all really. The rain has been relentless this last week, I must make the most of today’s sun.

12 thoughts on “Garden Pictures for Spring

  1. I love your garden pictures and the mix you have with blossom, bulbs, forget me knots , oh everything. I am just in from an hour outside, it looks like rain again.

    1. Thank you! We’ve had a full on sunny day here in Devon, I can’t quite believe it! I never did get to the garden centre though. And I forgot that the purple sprouting had to be dug up before the beans went in. Oh well, it’ll have to wait until next week!

  2. Beautiful photos! I do enjoy your garden posts… What’s that sprouting at the end of the branch in the picture after the forget-me-nots and hostas, by the way?

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