Episode 9 of a Crochet Podcast

Hey there! Episode 9 of my little crochet podcast/ crochet vlog is up and ready for goggling (I still can’t let go of “vlog” – I’m a pedant). Click on the image above to go to YouTube.

I’ve cut the interesting stuff. Sorry. Therefore there is no tale of how I drunkenly got the bruise on my arm. I deemed the whole saga as just too inappropriate! But give me a shout and I might tell you anyway ;p

Before I list any info about this episode’s stuff, I just want to let you know that there will definitely be a blog post about Connie’s blanket coming soon. I took the pics today. At the same time I also took photos of my fluffy Granny chevron cowl. There will be a post with the pattern for that on here in the next week or so too. Cheers.

Episode 9 gubbins:

The Magnolia Mandala by Crochet Millan is Here.

If you fancy treating yourself to some Phildar Flocon, then that’s Here. But you might want to hang on for episode 10. I’ve been given the go ahead to do a Giveaway!!

Do you think Instagram might have messed up your feed with dodgy algorithms? Check out Lauren Aston’s detailed blog post all about it.

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10 thoughts on “Episode 9 of a Crochet Podcast

  1. I said it on YouTube but iii say it again, that cowl looks bloody fab! really love to try something like that !

    And boo to cat’s pee but at least its wasn’t poo !!!

    1. Aw, shucks! Thank you Maura. 😀
      True. Although, in this case, I wonder if poo would’ve been better! I was on hands and knees sniffing all around the front room cos I couldn’t identify exactly where the spaying had occurred! Jeez, such a pain in the arse. I tried to use my cat as “guide cat”. She was rubbish and wouldn’t tell me for ages where it was.

  2. I had a lovely morning this morning catching up with your last two vlogs… ‘Twas really enjoyable 😊
    Your colour choices are just magical. That blanket! Absolutely gorgeous. Maybe one day I’ll make a blanket! I keep saying that, I know… The cowl looks extremely snuggly, definitely too warm for this weather! It looks like an interesting yarn.
    Hope you sort out that naughty cat from next door… Cat pee is the worst. Our cat had a bad phase of ‘missing’ the litter tray and it seems to have got under the laminate floor 😠 yuck!

    1. Oh goody!! Glad you enjoyed them. I thought I was getting a bit stale already. I need to up my game!
      I love the blanket too. You should totally make a blanket! I’m always satisfied with a good blanket!! It doesn’t have to be massive. Mind you there’s always a lot of ends with granny squares. A ripple is probably the quickest sort of blanket to make, they always seem to fly by.
      Ugh, cat pee. I haven’t seen him for a while, I’m hoping they’ve got rid of him. It sounds like he doesn’t like their house very much (the mummy cat lives their, maybe she kicked out her son- I don’t know how cat relationships work..). I’m glad our litter tray days are over. One day she just stopped using it. Hopefully she’s pooing in the neighbour’s garden in some kind of vengeful way!!

      1. Yes I hope she is getting her own back in a feline poop way!! Sounds like cat eastenders next door!
        Maybe when I’m allowed to buy yarn again I’ll get some Aran to make a blanket. I can only buy yarn when I’ve finished all my wips! So maybe never 😄😄😄

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