Summer Garden Catch up.

I’ve been waiting for a good day to take pretty pics of the garden. You’ll have to make do with grey skies and raindrops. Sorry.

  Whatever promises I made about taking more care of the garden have been broken. It’s a terrible mishmash of last year’s leggy plants that have somehow survived the winter and whatever I grabbed at the local supermarket. I have empty pots, pots with dead things and weeds aplenty. Very little thought has been put in and I am ashamed. I am Cersei Lannister, walking through the streets of King’s Landing except people throw manure at me rather than human poo. Shame. Shame… Anyway, there is a plumbago in someone’s front garden in town that is glorious. It’s huge and gorgeous and sits next to a pink Japanese anemone; together they are beautiful. Last year I bought one so it could sit next to my anemone. That’s it, top left, puny and sad. I might have planted it in the wrong place. It represents the sadness I feel about my rubbish attempts at being Carol Klein. There’s also a big willow herb patch that’s drowning out penstemon (if I get my bum in gear, this spot will be foxgloves next year). And the verbena has it in for me, it lashes out and scratches me when I walk past. I’m down in the dumps about my garden. Can you tell?!

The veg beds are neglected too. I introduced borage to somewhere else in the garden a few years ago. It has gone mental. It’s popping up everywhere. At first I was reluctant to pull it up because the bees love it. This year I’ve torn up half of it and I keep finding seedlings trying it on. It was never in the veg beds before and now it’s barging its way between the beans and lettuces. On purpose, I planted a load of morning glory in the veg bed (I had so much of it, I didn’t know what to do). It kind of looks like posh bindweed. What am I doing for goodness sake?! I am a lazy gardener with no plan.What I will say is that I have plenty of colour even if it isn’t deliberate. The biggest surprise is this agapanthus. I bought it last year from Aldi and it looked dead for a very long time. There were two in a packet and one did indeed pop its clogs.  So I’m really pleased with this. I bought another one from the garden centre about four years ago and it has never flowered. Monty says it’s in the wrong pot (too big). I’ll feed it and keep my fingers crossed.

On the off chance you want to take a look at the garden at different times of the year. Here is the link to all the posts in the Garden category. I’ve just been scrolling through and it’s fascinating to see the changes in each season. I didn’t read the words as I know they all say things like “next year, I’ll be good”…

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13 thoughts on “Summer Garden Catch up.

    1. That’s kind of you to say, thank you. I see beauty too but I also see that it’s supposed to be different. It certainly doesn’t look like the gardens on the telly!! Haha.

      1. lol.. maybe to you, but from the pics, it looks just like tv 😛 but I understand what you mean. you have your vision of what you want…

  1. Your garden is so pretty , I see lots of lovely things. I made an effort with mine lately & planted a load of lavender , fingers crossed they take off !!

    The only veggie thing we have are tomatoes & i did a strawberry bush thingmebob for the 5year old!

    1. Thanks Maura! Writing this post spurred me into action. I’ve been out there all afternoon pulling up weeds and saving almost dead things.
      Thanks for the lavender reminder. I’m going to try and take some cuttings so I can have loads in my garden too. 😀
      Wish I was growing tomatoes…

  2. I’m so glad I took you up on your suggestion to look back through your garden posts – they are lovely, whatever you might think yourself. And if it helps, my garden motto is also “I’ll do better next year”… Oh, I had such plans for my little balcony this summer! And I’ve managed to do about a quarter of them! 😆

      1. Ha! In fairness, the weather here doesn’t help either… It seems like I just have to think the words “I’m going to do some gardening today” and the heavens open! 😆

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