Crochet Podcast. Episode 13

Hello!! Please see below for links to this episode of the crochet vlog / crochet podcast (call it what you will!). Thanks ever so much. Click on the picture above to take you to the episode.

My favourite courgette Cake is officially known as Meredith’s Zucchini Bread from Rachel Allen’s Bake. I’ve found a internet version Here but I have the book.

Part one of my holiday up north (with a crochet surprise at the end!). Part two is coming soon.

Tar Barrels: Have a look at 2016 here & 2015 here

Stitch Fest South West. I’ve found a new yarn festival and it’s in Devon!!

Higher Gills Farm accommodation and their Teeswater yarn shop

Easy Knits yarn

Three Springs by Addydae Designs

Cleck Heaton Colour Block Jumper

If something isn’t mentioned here and you want to know, please do give me a shout. Ta. X

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6 thoughts on “Crochet Podcast. Episode 13

  1. Hello! I do enjoy watching your podcast! I’m worried tho that you will think me a crazy stalker because after I watch all I want to make is what you’ve made! The jumper looks fab, not Neapolitan at all, and the shawl is Gorgeous.
    My treble stitches are always taller than patterns /tension swatches say they should be. It’s odd isn’t it? I like the idea of making the jumper with a small at the back and medium at the front, I always do that in dress making so I’m sure it would work for crochet too….
    Good luck on the back to school thing. I feel like my little girl is way too young, but she’s going to love it. My 6 yr old is driving me insane 😆 So I’m sure he will enjoy being back to school as much I will enjoy him being there! (And then I feel guilty…. ) I’m just trying to think of all the crochet I’ll get done!! Xx

    1. Nah, I don’t think that at all! I fully get it cos I am the same. 😀
      I wore my jumper all evening. It fits perfectly and I don’t look like an ice cream!! I’m dead chuffed!! And relieved that it’s not too small. I’m glad my trebles are longer because it’s a good length too.
      I’m going to get loads of crochet done once they’re at school. Little chap is mornings only for two weeks, with a third week including lunch. They like to drag out the start. It’s always a mix of guilt and relief, isn’t it?! I don’t feel bad admitting it as I know loads of us feel the same. xxx

  2. Motherhood is a constant guilt trip!! We have a long drawn out settling in phase too… 🙄 I’ve got so many plans for my 6 hrs of freedom! Maybe, just possibly some housework might get done too!!xxx

  3. Hi Rosina
    I really love your podcast…you always have something interesting to show or something funny to say! I wonder if you got the Aussie connection in podcast 13? Cleckheaton is an Australian wool brand and I think your 3 springs shawl is by an Aussie designer living in Canberra (our national capital). Im going to have a go at making the shawl…yours is lovely.
    I totally get what you mean about back to school. I homeschooled my sons but my last one who is 15 decided he would like to go to school for his last 3 years…. Its given me a lot of crochet and sewing time!! We are 3/4 the way through the school year here and spring has finally arrived….still time to fit in a bit of crochet with wool before it gets too hot and I have to change to crocheting cotton. Looking forward to your next podcast and seeing your jumper finished.

    1. It’s a funny coincidence that I’m all about Australian stuff at the minute. Maybe I should get myself some Aussie yarn too!! Both the jumper and the shawl were a pleasure to make; immediate favourites!
      You must be super strong to have home schooled. Cripes, I don’t think I’d have the stamina. Both the boys being at school will give me more crochet time. Not yet though as Youngest is part time for another two weeks! 😀
      Glad you’re enjoying the podcasts! Thank you. X

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