Crochet Vlogcast Episode 16

Howdy! So you watched the episode did you? Or you’re planning on it soon? Welcome to the crochet zone! Here’s the latest crochet podcast/crochet vlog = crochet vlogcast. Picture click above, folks. Thank you kindly.

Links below as usual, I hope you find what you’re looking for…

Most importantly, the one I find funny: Sweater Weatha, sweater weatha…

Devonshire yarn shenanigans are afoot in Totnes for Stitch Fest

Mini Beach bag info

You must be Off Your Rocker!  A crochet shawl pattern.

The Back to School Sweater CAL

Colour Block Jumper by Cleckheaton

Some beautiful skeins to be found at Somerset Yarns on Etsy

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7 thoughts on “Crochet Vlogcast Episode 16

  1. I really enjoyed your vlog – i never knew there was such a thing as a crochet vlog – i think this could become a new hobby for me (watching, not vlogging – especially when there’s no kardashians on). I think I really want to move to devon now too… and I love your jumper. x


      1. Haha! There are quite a few crochet ones that have popped up in the last few months. Potter & Bloom, Cherry Heart, Crochet cakes are some older ones. Crochet Luna and Lottie & Albert both started around the same time as I did. Oh and there’s The Corner of Craft which has Craftea Chat but that’s more about knitting. I could add loads more to the list but I think I’ll stop there 😆

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  2. Another lovely vlog 💛💛💛💛 the shawl is beautiful!
    As I was watching I had loads of thoughtful and interesting comments to make. Can’t remember a single one! Have a good half term xx


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