Episode 19 of a Crochet Vlogcast

Howdy folks! How’s is going? Fancy a crochet podcast / vlogcast / thirty minutes of me talking to you (mostly) about crochet?! Then click on the pic above!! Thanks ever so much.

Here’s a list of the stuff I talked about this episode. If something is missing and you want to know, please give me a shout. Ta.

Holey Smokes!! The blog post is here, The pattern on Ravelry is Here. Remember that there is a 20% discount until the 8th of December.

My Christmas baubleΒ  video tutorial is Here. The written pattern is Here.

Miss Moffat Yarns on Etsy.

Zeens and Roger on Love crochet/Love knitting

Winners of my Christmas Giveaway are… EmilCarv 1963…. and Anna4520Sweden. Well done to you two!!! Happy Christmas!

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Some more pics below…


3 thoughts on “Episode 19 of a Crochet Vlogcast

  1. I spent a very happy hour catching up on your lovely vlogcast this week. You’ve been making some lovely stuff!
    I totally missed out on your Christmas present giveaway, but I thought I would tell you what I’d like for Christmas… A whole house for craft! A cozy room for crochet, a light bright room for a sewing machine, a room with for ceramics, a huge bookshelf full of craft magazines and books and a nice sofa too!


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