Crochet Christmas

It’s December already!! How did that happen?! Fear not, there is still plenty of time to sort out a crochet Christmas if that’s what you want to do. In the past I’ve bust a gut trying to make something for everyone and to be perfectly honest, this year I just can’t be bothered! I’m still going to have a crochet Christmas though. ‘Course I am!!

First of all I’ve signed up to a couple of Secret Santa thingummies. One is for bloggy crafters (Stitching Santa) and the other is over on Instagram. Part of the deal for signing up is that you make handmade stuff.  The great thing is, is that I know that the participants will be as enthusiastic as me about handmade (whereas, who knows what friends and family think when I’m palming off handmade stuff on them?!).

Sooo first up I thought I’d make some wrist warmers. Quick, easy and very wearable. This year I’ve made a pair for myself and I’m making a pair each for my secret Santa peeps (the pair in the above pic are destined to be sent out). I used my own design from the Vintage Autumn set that I’ve got on Ravelry. I made the larger size as I want them to fit and whilst the small size fits me, I do have wrists like twigs. [In my last vlogcast I might have mentioned that wearing two lots of crochet at the same time was a bit like doing double denim, ie don’t do it! Therefore, the above picture amuses me as I manage three items whilst sitting on a crochet blanket!].

If making crochet presents is too stressy then you can always dec your halls instead. I’ve talked about these crochet baubles on the blog already and they have a post of their own Here. A brilliant use of scraps!

Some of my other favourite crochet decorations are some gorgeous Xmas puds from Planet June (you must check out all the other free patterns, including some more festive makes). I also found a toadstool decoration, I can’t remember if this is the pattern I’ve used but it looks like a good one. Toadstools look lovely on my tree!

I’m also doing a swap. I’m swapping some of my old makes with someone else’s, which is a brilliant way of getting something new and exciting for Christmas. Er, what else?… Well, there’s shopping! Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday. Find someone/something on Etsy, Folksy or check out local craft fairs to find independent makes that other people have worked so hard to create. I’m endeavouring to do a bit more of this this year. So far I’ve only managed to buy things  for myself though…

What are you doing for your crafty Christmas? Have you been super organised, or have you left it to the last minute like me?!

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12 thoughts on “Crochet Christmas

    1. I can usually squeeze some more in! Just no giant crochet presents from me this year.
      This year’s tree will hopefully have even more decorations on it. The more the merrier! 😀

  1. The double crochet thing is still making me laugh! I do it all the time! And never realised it could be a fashion faux pas 😳!!
    I’m hardly doing any handmade gifts this year. It was too stressful last year. I’m making some more decs tho, can’t wait to get the tree up! Xx

    1. Haha! I really don’t think people have to agree with my rule. I just realised one day when I was walking down the street that my crochet was clashing!
      Yep, decs is where it’s at as far asI’m concerned. A couple of little presents but it’s not worth the rush rush rush.
      I can’t think about a tree yet. Not for another couple of weeks I hope! x

      1. My crochet always clashes! I really need to do some more matching sets of crochet stuff. Then I might look like the glamorous sophisticated grown up I sometimes pretend to be!
        I think you should totally enforce double/triple crochet crimes against fashion tho!!

  2. This year I’ve made my herbal soap filled crochet strawberry scrubbies ( see my blog for tutorial)… and that’s it! We are going to have a tropical island Christmas this year as we are going home for the holidays to see our kids and grandkids!

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