Eleven Days Later…

Alchemilla Mollis. Poppin up all over the shop. Keep or pull?
(Not steel) magnolias

I said all I had to say about the latest garden exploits eleven days ago so I’m not going to say much more. It’d pretty much be repeating myself. But I couldn’t ignore the fact that just a few days has made such a huge difference to the garden (to my eyes at least). And I always ramp up the garden posts in spring/summer anyway.

No bonfire yet but guess what? I emptied all my pots! A full on sense of achievement was experienced that day, I can tell you. Expect to see a better garden blog post in a couple of weeks or so.

Cheers. X

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Hostas awakening!
Such cute babies. More hostas.
Thought this was dead
Some sort of peony
Kerria Japonica. Tiddly om pompom


11 thoughts on “Eleven Days Later…

  1. Great pictures! I love to see things starting to grow in the spring. My garden/backyard is starting to look better too. I’ve been collecting pictures for a new garden post also!

    1. What I didn’t mention is that the lawn is a quagmire. The kids have churned it up. And the cat is putting me off planting bean seeds cos she’s pooing in my veg bed! 🙁 I only show the nice stuff!! Haha! 😀 😀

  2. Definitely keep the Alchemilla Mollis. I love them. They demand nothing and just keep giving. Glad the sun is shining and the garden beginning to perform after what seems like the greyest year ever. I have a whole pile of desiccated pots to empty and some garden furniture to treat, but your enthusiasm is encouraging me to get on with it.

    1. I’ve got a feeling it’s here to stay! I don’t often have the heart to rip up plants just because they’re not where I put them. Having said that, there are too many buttercups that aren’t welcome. They’re terrors for pulling up though! 😀
      I need to add tidying the garden furniture to the list! …

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