Free patterns

Ready for the beach. Crochet Beach bag. Free pattern



Crochet mesh bag. Easy, one skein pattern.

Stacked shells with a bobble edge.Simple Granny Triangle Shawl. Really easy free pattern.

Amigurumi Easter Eggs. Free crochet pattern.

circle in a square

Cute little crochet pumpkins. Free crochet pattern!lots of crochet owlsopen crochet purse with lining

bunch of little crochet flowers










20 thoughts on “Free patterns

  1. You saved my skin! I needed a nice, simple pattern to make my daughter’s wedding shawl and found your lovely granny triangle shawl on Ravelry! And joy of joys, I could understand it! 🙂 Thank you so much, it’s coming along a treat! Xxx


  2. I wandered over here from your YouTube channel. You have some beautiful patterns and I really enjoy watching your videos because of your projects. Its funny I have had one of your patterns as a Pinterest Pin for years as an inspiration picture!


  3. Found your eggs from your YouTube page. I think it will be prettier than the other one I used. Will try it soon. You even put flowers on it and show how to do it.


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