Ho Ho Ho! It’s nearly Christmas…

mirror dec'd

It’s a bit thin on the ground this week. There are some things I can’t show and then there is also the loss of any crafty oomph. I just can’t be bothered. Meh. However, I have decked the halls, which is something and it feels lovely and festive. Hmm, the tinsel around the bannister looks pathetic, I’d better sort that out.

this year's tree.

For the first time in twelve years we have a real tree!! We were sick to death of the stupid plastic one. Didn’t like it to begin with. The smell of this year’s choice is totally awesome. We went to Cotley Farm in Whimple and within minutes, had picked out this one. We got it home and found that it was too tall, so off with its head. We didn’t mean to get such a big tree but it obviously wanted to get in our car and come back home with us.

christmas decorations

I bought some teeny painted toadstools. They are my delightful decorations for this year. I like to get something new every year but we are becoming overloaded with decorations and are having to be more selective about what goes on the branches. Not such a bad thing. And it didn’t stop me buying some cute little robins in sale yesterday.

handmade gingie

We finished Eldest boy’s gingerbread man too. He got bored after a few minutes so I helped. He tried very hard.

boy made elf boot

His effort last year is what inspired my elf boots this year.  He randomly cut this boot shape and we stitched it together. The other boy is being naughty riding his bike indoors. With wellies on!

christmas star

I still need to write out my Christmas cards. Not sure if I’ve done enough. I might have to do some more. Stamping was satisfying yet messy. I got a lino cutting kit last Christmas and am putting it to use this Christmas.

not quite finished coraline

A glimpse of one of the bigger projects of the week. I’ve been doing little bits of many projects rather than sticking to one and completing it. Therefore, this lady has no face and has only just gained hair and a coat. I am a big procrastinator. I know what I should be doing but I’d rather read my book. Or fart about online.

So, general mood of the week is, pffft. I’ll stick my face in the Christmas tree in a minute, to give myself a boost. I might be around next week, I’m not sure. I guess it depends on whether I get my craft on good and proper.

Upcycling those old books, a quick project.

Vintage illustrations. Little bit of upcycling.

I cut up a lot of books. Usually they’re ones that have been scribbled on, which puts a stop to any guilty feels. This is most of what I’ve got shoved in my crafty drawer, some may have fallen down the back.

I’ve got a lot of birthdays in October and my collection comes in handy when I haven’t got the time to draw a card design. You upcycle those old pictures into something new like a card!That’s another thing to feel bad about; If you make a birthday card just by sticking a picture onto some card, is that cheating? Well, it’s what I do when time is an issue.

My favourite pens and pencils and things!

Here is my favourite box of pens and things. I have a scalpel in there wrapped in a tatty masking taped protective thing (Husband made it a long time ago and I have stolen it along with the blade), it’s the dirty thing on the left, next to the brown pencil. We’ve tried to find those Stylo pens but they don’t make them any more. This one is used sparingly, it is lovely to draw with.

making birthday cards

Anyway, I use that scalpel to slice up my old pictures and then just bung them on some card with a bit of glue. Easy!

leftover scraps


handmade birthday cards using vintage pictures.

See? Easy! A bit more slicing and done.

handmade birthday cards using vintage images.

Lazy, or what? I regret not having made the effort to do some drawing but I have been so busy that I haven’t had time to think of ideas. I really don’t like drawing something if the idea doesn’t please me greatly. Which reminds me, it is another birthday tomorrow…. Husband’s… I have lost my thinking cap. (The fabric in the background is for a project I did at the beginning of the week. I’ve taken pictures, so it will deffo become a blog post soon.)

Gotta sign your work.

Not forgetting to sign “your work” after. Sorry to everyone who gets these. I do try to match the picture to the person but it isn’t always possible.