Playing with felt for Christmas.

Christmas tree decorations. Handmade gingerbread men.

For the last two weeks I have been crazy busy cutting and stitching felt. I’ve pretty much been knee deep in the stuff.  Amazingly, I’ve really enjoyed it, I’ve not once become fed up with the cutting or the stitching. Most of the time I make something once and then get immensely bored if I have to do it again. Something must be wrong with me because I had this little production line going and got addicted to seeing how much stuff I could churn out. I’ve had fun anyway.

felt brooches

I made brooches (not really my cup of tea).

felt christmas tree decorations.

I made Christmas trees.

felt elf boots. little christmas decorations

Boots for elves.

festive felt doves

Peaceful little doves.

little felt doves

Lots of these.

Little felt robins. Christmas tree decorations.

I came up with a new robin design.

prancing reindeer decorations

And I improved upon a prancing reindeer pattern that I originally made two years ago (can’t photograph the old one as that fella is in the loft with all the other Christmas stuff).

a reindeer decoration

They might be my favourites. They’re so fancy!

Felt gingerbread men for the Christmas tree.

And more gingerbread men!

On Saturday I’m taking them to the school Christmas Fayre.  I hope people like them. I do! Glad I’ve finished them really because little, near invisible stuffing fibres kept trying to live in my eyes.

Sewing and crochet this week. Hopefully I will feel like getting the sewing machine out once the kids have gone to bed but I’m well behind on Dr Who episodes and everyone is talking about Clara!