Dodgy Battenburg.

battenburg scarf

I had a great idea for a new scarf but it hasn’t turned out how I thought it might. I chose the colours thinking they were springy and new but once I’d completed it, all I could see was a bit of batternburgh. I’ve made a cake scarf.

me in battenburg

It’s a pretty useless scarf as it’s too big. Sooo, my question is do I add a couple more sections to make it big enough to twist and double up. Or… is it acceptable to wear as is? I thought about adding a border too but can’t do that until I’ve made a decision.

battenburg n me

There’s not much point in a scarf that’s open at the neck but the thought of revisiting a project I’d hoped was finished is annoying. But then, if I leave it, will I wear it?!

spring daffodils

Some daffodils to big up this half arsed post!