An easy diy Halloween tiara

DIY Halloween tiara.

I’m still not 100% certain of what my costume will be on Saturday but I know it will involve this tiara doodah I made today. It’s still wet, which is why this isn’t going to be a fancy tutorial. And I’ve rushed the pictures because I’m running out of Halloweeny time. Apologies for the carelessness.

So, things you will need should you wish to give this a go are:

Garden wire or similar. Masking tape. Cheap headband. Pva glue. Black tissue paper. Glitter glue.

head band and wire

Get your headband and the wire.

wire round band

Do some twiddling of the wire around the headband.

wrapping wire round the headband

I think it helps to do a couple of feet of wire at a time, to avoid tangles. Bend the wire into crookedy shapes.

cover wire in masking tape.

Get busy with some masking tape. This creates a better shape without over doing the paper mache stage.

cover tiara in tissue paper.

Mix pva glue with some water and glue torn up bits of tissue paper to the tiara. This might not strictly be paper mache but it’s what I call it.

DIY Halloween tiara.

I blasted mine with a hair dryer to dry it more quickly. I’m not sure sure if this is a good idea but I did it anyway. Splodge on some glitter glue and leave to dry. Job done.

Happy Halloween!!