Spring Sprung 2019

I used to be very good at blogging about garden updates but like the lack of green fingered posts on here, there has been a lack of actual horticulture too.  I’ve nothing to write about!  Unlike other years, no seeds have been planted, I’ve barely weeded, and only this morning did I dig over one of the veg beds. Time is more of an issue these days. I’m working more and don’t get the chance to pop outside to keep apace with the plants. But do you know what? It has sort of been looking after itself! I suppose I’ve given it enough attention in the past, that there is still beautiful stuff to see now. It’s OK too because I haven’t completely missed the boat. This coming weekend is the Easter bank holiday and I believe there might be some kind of law which dictates that one must do gardening during all day light hours over this four day stretch. I have time to catch up.

In the meantime, here’s what has happened so far this spring…

One job to do is pull up the purple sprouting. Over the last few weeks we devoured them. They were delicious but now they’re over.


One of the very first things we planted (maybe eight years ago). I never remember its name. Something to do with dancing?
It was in flower a couple of weeks ago. Now it is not.
Rozanne is waking up.
Hosta horns
Then, they’re not horny
A different set of hosta horns. They’re not actually called horns. They just look like them.
A type of magnolia.
Kerria Japonica is only just hanging on despite nearly dying last year. After a few years of being very happy indeed, it has decided to give up.
Marceline likes to hang out in the garden too. And climb trees.
fig twig
Forget me not
Apple blossom
An alert looking Clematis Montana
Comfrey. This came from Mum’s garden last year. It has made itself at home.
A fern that reminds me of a tarantula
So many snails.
They will eat my hostas but I can’t bring myself to kill them.
Quince. What I attacked to make crochet hooks!
Such a mess

So despite having done nothing at all, things aren’t looking too bad. Yes, there’s mess but I’m not fussed about a neatly manicured lawn or the composting mountain of last year’s runner beans and courgette plants. But I will be worried if I don’t get my arse in gear next weekend. I’m gonna blitz it. Probably.

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