Zeens & Roger Crochet Podcast Episode 50.

Hallooo!! Episode 50 of the Zeens and Roger crochet podcast is up and waiting for you! As usual there are pictures and links below. Click on the pic above to go directly to the episode or go HERE to all my YouTube videos. Cheers!


EYF 19 video

Granny CAL info

Please follow @kirkandroger on Instagram, we’ll be posting pics of what we get up to with our hook making adventure.

The ribbing as you go tutorial is by Toni of TL Yarn Crafts. You can find it HERE.

Doulton Border Leicester. I’m using the 4ply.

Hinterland. It’ll be available to buy very soon!

John Arbon Exmoor sock

Granny Tie book

Somerset Yarns, Life in the Long Grass, Countess Ablaze, Vicky Brown Designs, Ginger Twist Studio

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Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2019

Hallooo, I’ve done a quick video rundown of this year’s Edinburgh Yarn Festival. I’ve not done one before and thought it’d be a good idea. Go HERE to watch on YouTube!!

Watching it back I can see how much I’ve missed out (there was so much I wanted to say!!) but hopefully what I do talk about is something you find interesting. In a bid to get it out so that EYF is still fresh in my mind, I’ve just talked at you for half an hour as stuff falls out my mouth. Now I’m off to have a power nap because I still haven’t recovered from my weekend in Scotland.

See below for the few photos I took whilst there, some of the yarn I bought and what I plucked up the courage to wear…

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La Bien Aimee



No. 5 smelled like cider!




My EYF 2019 outfit!!

First purchase!

Coop Knits and Ripples Crafts

West Wool

My sister’s modest haul.

Ginger Twist Studios and Vicki Brown Designs

So I’m already getting stuck in. I think I have managed to make stuff with about 82% of each year’s EYF purchases!

My granny tie is made with lots of stash bits. I’ll talk about it more in Episode 50 of my crochet podcast.