Halloween pumpkin offerings.

Since Halloween fell on a Saturday night I thought I’d invite some friends over to celebrate Samhain. It wasn’t exactly a party, it would have been a bit stressful to invite everyone I knew. I tested the water by inviting a few families to revel in some witchy goings-on. I also didn’t know how many people would fit inside our house as it is quite small. Next time I think a real party might be in order because we could have easily squeezed in a few more people.

A Pinterest Halloween board exploded in the living room. I had lots of fabulous help from friends who did their bit to turn my house into a Halloweeny hovel.

Halloween altar

This was a witch’s table. Complete with a collection of potions and poisons.

Halloween amigurumi collection

My amigurumi Halloween creations came out. My friend and I gathered some good looking twigs from the woods. This twig got stuck in a plant pot. (Thank you too to Sultanabun whose October blog post prompted me to have a go at making a collage).

witchy shelf

A witch’s shelf. Me and another friend had scoured junk shops to find cheap bottles, jugs and vases to turn into something suitable for a witches house.  I sprayed some with black spray paint and left others clear, which I had planned to fill with coloured water. I didn’t get round to that but they still looked good with their spooky labels.

Halloween party decorations

I planned on some fancy wreaths but didn’t quite manage it. I also bought a lifetime supply of black card, which I did manage to cut up to make lots of different silhouettes.

witches desk

My friend also made spooky spell books. This modern witch uses them whilst cross referencing wikipedia.

Halloween harvest table

Autumn harvest. I made people eat homemade chutney and piccalilli. People brought cheese (the empty cake stand did eventually display a massively stinky round of Exmoor blue), crackers, grapes and celery to accompany them. I also made blackberry vodka and it tasted just like blackberries. It worked! We picked the blackberries about six weeks ago and filled a kilner jar with them. Chuck in some sugar and a whole load of vodka and you get an amazing drink!

scary pumpkin face

Scary face, as requested by the kids.

Pumpkin pan. A Halloween satyr.

Pan and his pipe. I had trouble designing the image. I drew it out several times before I finally accepted one that would work. And it never turns out exactly the same anyway because cutting up pumpkin with a scalpel is a whole different kettle of fish.

Headless Horseman Halloween Pumpkin

Headless Huntsman. Unfortunately, I didn’t  finish this guy. I gave up after slicing my finger on a very very sharp blade. I also managed to slice through his arm too so I knew my pumpkin powers were waning. Anyway, I already have an idea for next year’s offerings….

Until next year! Happy Halloween!!

E's pumpkin.