I made my own advent calendars…

homemade advent calendar from 2014

Dweeb that I am, I have, on three occasions over the years taken the time to make my own advent calendars. It can take a while to make one as I have to use scary things like “Maths” to work out how to align images and  where to do the cutting. Not to mention coming up with 24 weeny Christmassy pictures that I like. I don’t remember when I made my first one but it was definitely pre-babies. There is a way I can date them all; each one has a picture inside that is representative of where I am in that time. (Above is last year’s calendar)

First advent calendar. Have improved since.

This one makes me laugh, it’s so bad. I’m still fond of it though and at least I can see I’ve improved.

First advent insides

Embarrassingly bad pictures inside too. Gotta start somewhere. See, pre-babies, just me and Husband. I don’t even know if we were married when I made this. Maybe it’s around 2006/2007?

homemade advent calendar 2009

I made the second one to represent the fact that we now had a baby. So it’s 2009. And I’ve tried harder with the drawing too. I was very proud at the time. I know I’m not the best drawer in the world but I have my own silly illustrative style…

Insides from the second advent calendar.

We’re looking a bit tired in this picture. I like my attempt at Mary on a donkey ha!


And then, because I had done that, I had to make a third to show that baby now had a brother. I quite like it here, before I finished it. Right at the end I added the dark blue for sky and I stopped liking it as much. I think I ran out of steam.


The illustrations have definitely improved but I am not often satisfied so maybe next year I’ll make another one and include the cat.


I’m using this one again this year. It’s mine, the boys are not allowed to open the doors, they have their own. The doors have been closed again and I’m interesred to see what’s on the other side. Apart from these two photos (from last year), I have forgotten what they all look like complete.


My Eldest had a go at his own too but I didn’t want to slice into it, it’s too lovely as it is.


And, just before I go. This is a picture of my stall on Saturday! It was lovely to have a go. The PTA made lots of money for the school. The felt decorations I made were my most popular items. I sold all of them apart from four lonesome doves. I guess they just weren’t festive enough. I have lots of things leftover but that isn’t a problem. I have plans for them…