Easy Crochet Slipper Socks

Crochet socks have a bad reputation but there are some amazing designs out there. I like to think of these cosy slipper socks as a good introduction to crocheting your own footwear. As socks go, they’re super easy. They use simple stitches and what with using aran weight yarn, they work up very quickly indeed.

Click on the pic above to go to the video tutorial.  Find the written pattern below.

Before you read on, don’t forget to check out my other free crochet patterns. Thank you. x

Right, on with the good stuff…

These cosy crochet socks are made out of aran weight yarn, they’ll be comfy in wellies but probably not your posh shoes. Splodge some of that sticky stuff on the soles so that they turn into non-slip slipper socks. I always intended to buy some for these but never got round to it.

A word of advice: go for the Leader of the Pac yarn (or similar) rather than the Three Bears yarn, which I used in the tutorial. The latter has very little stretch and is also not as soft or squishy.  The sock I made in that came up slightly smaller too. I’m also not convinced that you should go for 100% natural fibres for socks. They need to be made of something that won’t wear away as quickly so a splash of nylon or acrylic in the mix is not a bad thing.

Something else to note: accuracy is important for socks but I think these ones are more forgiving than ones made from finer yarn. However, it is definitely worth getting the measurements of the foot you’re making these socks for.

The Sock Pattern

Things you Need to Crochet these Socks

  • 4.5mm hook (you may wish to go to a 5mm depending on your tension – my tension is normal to loose).
  • 2 x 100g balls of main colour and scraps of contrasting colours. I used Hobbycraft Leader of the Pac (90% acrylic, 10% alpaca), aran weight (170m per 100g). My socks weigh 78 grams each.
  • In the video tutorial I used Three Bears Yarn 100% BFL, (80m per 50g). I don’t know if this is still available and I prefer the yarn for my original pair of socks anyway.

Crochet Abbreviations

BPtr = back post treble (US BPdc), Ch = chain, Ch-sp = chain space, Dc = double crochet (US single crochet), Dec = decrease, FPtr = front post treble (US FPdc), Htr = half treble (US half double crochet), Inc = increase, Rep = repeat, St(s) = stitch(es), Tr = treble (US double crochet).

Notes to Read before you get Started

  • The pattern is worked toe up.
  • The pattern is worked in the round.
  • The heel is a reverse of the toe rows.
  • The pattern is written is UK terms (see abbreviations for US equivalents).
  • A stitch marker may be useful to mark the beginning of rounds.
  • You might want to go down half a hook size to make  the cuff for a better fit.
  • Follow along with my Easy Crochet Socks Video Tutorial.

Sock Sizing

This crochet pattern includes small, medium and large sizes. I made a Medium; I’m a shoe size UK 5/6 (US 7/8, EU 38/39).
Fun fact! There is 6mm between shoe sizes (3mm if you include half sizes!!).

Toe and Foot
With main colour chain 7
Rnd 1: 1dc in 2nd ch from hook, 1dc along to end, turn and work 6dc down other side of ch. [12 sts]
Rnd 2: 1dc, 1 inc, [1dc in next 2 st, 1 inc] three times, 1dc. [16]
Rnd 3: 1dc, 1 inc, 4dc, 1 inc, 2dc, 1 inc, 4dc, 1 inc, 1dc. [20]
Rnd 4: 1dc, 1 inc, 6dc, 1 inc, 2dc, 1 inc, 6dc, 1 inc, 1dc. [24]
Rnd 5: dc around
Rnd 6: 1dc, 1 inc, 8dc, 1 inc, 2dc, 1 inc, 8dc, 1 inc, 1dc. [28] For Small size go to Rnd 11
Rnd 7: dc around
Rnd 8: 1dc, 1 inc, 10dc, 1 inc, 2dc, 1 inc, 10dc, 1 inc, 1dc. [32] For Medium go to Rnd 11
Rnd 9: dc around
Rnd 10: 1dc, 1 inc, 12dc, 1 inc, 2dc, 1 inc, 12dc, 1 inc, 1dc. [36]. Change colour if desired.
Rnd 11 … : Htr in the round. Place stitch marker in first st, this will guide you when it comes to the ankle.
Continue to work htr sts in the round until the place where the heel will start (you will need to measure your foot for accuracy. From the first round of htr sts to the heel start I measured 12cm for Medium.

Begin at the sock side (work up to where it aligns with toe and stitch marker)
14, 16, 18 htr, ch 14 (16, 18), miss 14 (16, 18) sts and rejoin with a htr in next st, continue htr st until desired length (from this point mine measure 16cm including contrast colours). Slip stitch in final st and fasten off.

Rnd 1: 2ch (does not count as a st), 1 tr in same st, 1tr around, join with a slip st to the first st. [28, 32, 26]
Rnd 2: 2ch, *1FPtr, 1BPtr; rep from * around, join with a slip st to the first st.
Rnd 3: Repeat Rnd 2. Fasten off.

Join yarn to one corner of the heel space 28 (32, 36) sts around.
Go to Rnd 1 for Large, Rnd 3 for Medium, Rnd 5 for Small

Rnd 1: 1dc, 1 dec, 12dc, 1 dec, 2dc, 1 dec, 12dc, 1 dec, 1dc. [32]
Rnd 2: dc around
Rnd 3: 1dc, 1 dec, 10dc, 1 dec, 2dc, 1 dec, 10dc, 1 dec, 1dc. [28]
Rnd 4: dc around
Rnd 5: 1dc, 1 dec, 8dc, 1 dec, 2dc, 1 dec, 8dc, 1 dec, 1dc. [24]
Rnd 6: dc around
Rnd 7: 1dc, 1 dec, 6dc, 1 dec, 2dc, 1 dec, 6dc, 1 dec, 1dc. [20]
Rnd 8: 1dc, 1 dec, 4dc, 1 dec, 2dc, 1 dec, 4dc, 1 dec, 1dc. [16]
Rnd 9: 1dc, [1 dec, 2dc] three times, 1 dec, 1dc. [12]

Turn your socks inside out a sew gap of heel closed and sew in ends.

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Christmas Crochet Socks

Check out the picture below. These are also using Leader of the Pac yarn.  I worked 3 or 4 additional rounds before working the cuff.

The Holly leaf motif is from Attic 24. I still used an aran weight yarn but it has no halo so worked up a tad smaller than if I’d used the same yarn. I also went down a couple of hook sizes for the leaves and berries.

The berries are 6htr sts worked into a magic ring and joined with a slip stitch. Make sure you leave tails so you can stitch them to your socks.