A surprisingly easy sewing project or two.

I made a patchwork fabric basket! Much easier than I thought it'd be!

I’ve been meaning to make this little baskety thing for ages and I’m glad I sorted myself out and did it. I thought it was going to be complicated but actually, it was mega easy! Pink Penguin is where you need to go. The tutorial is for a small basket but I made the larger version.

Homemade fabric basket.

I really like the interior fabric. I bought 40 cm and it was only just enough. It was a bit silly really but when I bought it I hadn’t measured anything and had to guess. I would like to make one for me but this was was for my sister.

A simple handmade tote.

I also made her this. Everyone needs a bag now, don’t they?! I made up the pattern having seen similar elsewhere.

little pleated purse

This was the other thing I made in my sewing flurry. I’m running out of people to make this for now,  I have done quite a few in different fabrics. The tutorial is this one here.

And that’s it. I am now going to immerse myself in Halloween gubbins for the next 36 hours or so. I need to get off the computer. I should go and tidy. I think I might make a cup of tea first. Have a sit down….

11 thoughts on “A surprisingly easy sewing project or two.

    1. It was from a shop in Hemel Hempstead.I can’t remember the name if it, my sister in law took me there when I went to visit. They had loooaads of fabric. It came in other colours too!

      1. There’s a shop in exmouth on Exeter road that does that sort of thing. Or there’s one by central station in Exeter. There was, dunno if it’s still there! Might be worth a look.

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