Zeens and Roger Crochet Podcast 41.

Howdy! Welcome to episode 41 of the Zeens and Roger crochet podcast. Click on the pic to go to the episode or go HERE to YouTube for all the episodes and crochet tutorials.

Links and pics:

C2C Crochet Along links: The Main Blog Post, The Other Blog Post, The Chatter Thread, The Finished Object thread

Qing Fibre

Bhooked C2C podcast episode with Make and Do Crew

Blacker Yarns Tamar Lustre Blend

Crochet Luna badges

HomeFire Ridge Etsy shop

The Tar Barrels: A great article HERE, Check out the action HERE (it’s a slow burner this video but it pretty much demonstrates what it’s all about). For a quicker burst of action, take a look HERE

Stitchers Tees:  jumpers, t-shirts project bags etc…

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3 thoughts on “Zeens and Roger Crochet Podcast 41.

  1. Hello!!
    Loved watching this! I know what you mean about mercerised cotton… I use it for my crochet stars but not much else. It’s a tricky one!
    Your hat looks gorgeous, that pompom is perfect too! Xx

    1. Oh, yeah, I could do some stars! I don’t really want to make doilies or mandalas (which was another suggestion) cos I never know what to do with them.
      Did you see that you got a mention on Crochet Luna’s latest podcast? About twenty minutes in. xx

      1. I did see it! So exciting! I sent her a message but you’ve reminded me I must do it on her podcast page too. Yes make lots of stars! I need a Christmas tree dedicated to crochet decorations 😄

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