The Dreckly Mittens – A Crochet Pattern

Behold! Feast your eyes upon my new favourite design!! How long will they be my favourite? who can say?! But for now I am ever so pleased with this new pattern for crochet mittens. Please say hello to the Dreckly mittens.

Read on for the story about how the mittens were born but fear not, I’m not going to make you scroll to access the pattern so I’ll do that bit now.

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Regulars will notice the small hike in price. All of my patterns are being reformatted and updated and then going up in price over the next few weeks so please do bear that in mind. Cheers.

Some back story then….

I wanted to come up with a pattern that was both classic and simple. It’s all too easy to get over excited and make things overly complicated. Basically, you want the yarn to do all the talking. And this yarn is lovely (even when you’ve frogged it three times because the pattern wasn’t quite how you wanted it to be!).

At the beginning of the year Sonja from John Arbon Textiles got in touch to offer yarn support. I was pretty much given free rein to have a play with their new range of yarn; Yarnadelic. It is a massive honour to be in a position where I get this kind of freedom. However, this is about trust too. A design should do the yarn justice, I can’t just chuck any stitches at it and expect it to look good. It doesn’t work like that. More than ever I want crochet to be the best it can be and that takes time. I’m also good at fannying about and not getting stuff done so yeah, this project has been a long time coming.

A design ought to have a fitting name. Seeing as I am in Devon and the yarn is produced by a Devon company I thought it would be good to pay tribute to that. These woolly warm mittens were supposed to have been released a long time ago. I was meant to have brought them to you directly. Or if you’re in the Southwest… Dreckly, an unspecified time, later. Dreckly is something that you will get around to at some point in the future, or possibly never. [This last line was taken off the internet but I can’t remember where- soz].

So much dithering took place that actually, these are not the first Dreckly digit coverings. A different pair of wrist warmers were given the title. (They may or may not see the light of day but for now, consider them shelved). Therefore, for a long time Dreckly were the Ansum mittens instead, as in “Alright, me ansum?!” which is another South West saying. (I’m avoiding causing trouble by saying South West rather than Devon because I have a feeling that Cornwall could claim these sayings as theirs also, I dunno…). Dreckly is better and it works with their story.

They can be wrist warmers too!

I’m working on another pair at the moment, they’re really addictive. I want to see them in lots of different colour combination and I’m finding it hard to stop. I think that’s a sign of a good design, yes?!

Do you know what was really good fun? Taking them on a photo shoot! So good, it happened twice!! This is due to there being only one rainbow striped mitten ready at the first shoot. I thought I’d be able to get away with it but it just looked stupid having only one begloved hand. Artfully place the other paw in a pocket? No, it’s just stupid (see below).

By the way. I’m wearing Revival, a granny jumper by HG Designs

Anyway, I want to stop writing now. It’s tea time and I want food over blogging. I’ll just whack up a huge amount of pictures for your perusal. Some arguably artful, some daft, all self indulgent. And it sort of became a crap story too…

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This, as someone on Insta pointed out, is like a detective character from a BBC crime drama. I’ll have to continue with this premise at a later date because it’s awesome. Imagine a British Sarah Lund – making crochet mittens and jumpers famous…
I live over there!
Rolling up the sleeves to do some serious crime solving.
What’s this?! A clue?….
Where were you on the night of the 5th?!
Rule breaker, rebel, double crochet wearer.
She hasn’t slept for 30 hours. She won’t rest until the murderer is being dragged away in cuffs (the metal kind, not front post/back post).
She doesn’t care about you, she only cares about the law (and the kids…. and crochet…)
Dammit, I’ll solve this crime on Monday, I’m taking the kids to Legoland at the weekend.
I’m leaving this on a cliffhanger; I have no idea what I’m doing…

If you got this far, let me know by writing in the comments! Cheers. x

46 thoughts on “The Dreckly Mittens – A Crochet Pattern

    1. Love the mittens AND blog, thank you! Your boots! What are they, love them, too. I will make these mittens or wrist warmers.

      1. Thank you very much. The boots are Dr Martens. They are without a doubt, my favourite boots ever. Pricey but worth the investment. I had my first pair in the 90’s and got these last year. I expect I’m having a midlife crisis.

    2. Love the mirrors and your little random rant with the photo shoot was right up my alley. Loved it!! Lol, cheers…..I got to the end ; P

  1. Saw these on Instagram and loved them instantly! Totally agree with the detective comment 😂 the photo really does look like that! Off to go grab my pattern right now 😁

  2. I can’t wait for the next installment. It could become a book. You know, a murder to solve with the help of your crochet group and a pattern at the end of the book. I know it’s been done, but your patterns would be much, much better. Love you.

  3. Rosina- I seriously want to visit Devon so that we can meet. You are totally my type of person to be friends with. Thanks for being you & letting your personality out in your crochet & stories! Oh- and I like the mittens!

  4. Really love the mittens, they’re fab. Also loved the photos, they gave me a good chuckle on a day it was needed😄xx

    1. Oh wow! Have you started any projects with the spun yarn yet? I don’t spin but my sister does. I should give it a try again (I remember learning on my step mum’s spinning wheel when I was little!).

  5. Love them so much. Right now hitting 30 deg C in New STH Wales Australia but have to make them. Love the story. So glad you took pics of two handers though!!!

  6. These photos are great, I love yoyr sense if him our and the mittens are a great way if giving the maker some free reign to make their own colour choices, it’s so nice to see crichet mitten that look neat and fit well that aren’t babby and wholey. Ive not met this JA yarn range in person but knowing hiw girgeiys their knit by numbers is, I can imagine how soft and warm they will be.
    Great job Rosena , the best things are worth the wait. 😉

    1. Ahh, thank you so much! Yes, I wanted them to be “proper” mittens and not the clunky ones you often see. Crochet can be grown up and classy (even if the designer is neither of those things!!)…

  7. You’re the best Rosina. Epic story. Got CV your pattern. Need to do a stash dive. Can’t wait to get stuck in. Hugs from Canada.

  8. Lovely mittens (warmer than gloves.

    Crochet is elegant and classy, Lady Mary often wore beautiful pieces on Downtown and Queen Victoria used to do it. I grew up feeling crochet was special and actually perhaps even better than knitting. I think the US is far more likely to think it a poor relation of knitting and it is a shame if people feel that way – I have never been given that impression personally. I don’t need or want my crochet to look like knitting either, as I also knit and I very often prefer the lovely stitches of crochet. (Some designers seem to think they get bonus points if crochet looks like knitting or ‘you can’t even tell it is crochet, which I find annoying).

    Scarves and shawls and blankets are definitely nicer crocheted (in my opinion) and all the garments like jumpers I like most at the moment are also crocheted. If I had to choose I would say I prefer the look of crochet. I think knitters often have a different aesthetic (and particularly subdued/gloomy colour palettes) that isn’t shared by people who don’t do either craft, who very much do like crochet. Ugly crochet? No more or less than ugly knitting! Crochet can be anything you want or need it to be and with many variations; chunky and textured and solid, or lacy, drapey and refined. Just like knitting in fact.

  9. Love your sense of style! that outfit from top to bottom is so beautiful. I love all the colors but my favorite it that beautiful coat. Where did you get it???

    1. Thank you very much 😊 That coat has been a favourite of mine for years! I got it from H&M a looooong time ago. I remember wearing it when I had a baby bump and that baby is now nearly twelve years old! I think I must have had it for a year or two at that time. X

  10. Lol, normally I skip the longwinded description and scroll straight to the pattern/recipe/instructions. But since you put the pattern right at the top, I was intrigued about your story. I loved it and the pictures with their captions! Now off to take a gander at that pattern.

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