Z&R Crochet Podcast 89. Nostalgic

Hi welcome to Zeens and Roger. The latest crochet podcast is number 89!! To watch the episode you can click on the above image, or go to my YouTube channel HERE.

Crochet Good Stuff:

In this episode I finally have Quayside in my possession again!! It has proven to be a real boon in this chilly spring. It’s a crochet shawl that I am really proud of. As you may know, it featured in a craft book compiled by Wool on the Exe last year. As it was a charity project, I want sales of the pattern to continue to raise funds for charity. I have chosen CALM and the Disasters Emergency Committee. To find out more about what and why please read the blog about the Quayside shawl HERE. You can buy your copy from Etsy, Ravelry or Lovecrafts. I’m also running a casual CAL, more info is in that blog post. If you would like to contact me about one of those 5 free copies, please email me (no questions asked) at zeensandroger@gmail.com

I am making the Granny Go Round jumper, which is by IronLamb.

My Granny square card prints are available on Etsy HERE

Have a listen of the Making Stitches Podcast. This is a lovely audio podcast that I have been lucky enough to feature on recently.

If you would like to join the Patreon community, you can do so HERE. Thank yoOooOooooOoo.

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I think that’s it for links this time around and there’s no photos this week as I’ve had no time to snap any. I hope you enjoy the episode. Don;t forget to leave a comment on YouTube, and give a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t! Many thanks for being part of this brilliant crochet community! x

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