Z&R Crochet Podcast 90. No Will Power

Halloooo! How are you!? It has been an absolute age since last time.

I have been itching to get a podcast done but there have been lots of jobs and family things to do and there just hasn’t been time. But yesterday I sat down to record. Crochet fun at last!

For Episode 90 of the Zeens and Roger Crochet podcast, please click on the picture above and you will be taken directly to the episode. Or, you can go HERE to the whole YouTube channel of crochet good stuff.

Affiliate links are used in this post.

Links to Crochet, Yarn and all the good stuff:

Before I get to all the other links, the first thing I want you to know about is the Christmas in July crochet pattern bundle, which runs from the 12-16th of July and then it’s gone forever!! The affiliate link is HERE. Purchasing through this link means I get a commission on the bundle and therefore payment for my contribution, it also gets you a further freebie in my Companions cowl & wrist warmers pattern when you buy the bundle via me.

There are 44 patterns in the bundle and I have provided my Granny Christmas hat pattern, which in itself is a goodun because it’s two for one (the main hat pattern plus the mini hat tree decs/bunting). I will be sharing more info over on Instagram throughout the week (but will try not to overdo it!).

There are also loads of automatic entries into competitions to win prizes from Furls (they’re the event sponsors), there are additional discount codes and the chance to buy other discounted ebooks n stuff. I will be buying it too because there are some quality garment patterns in the bundle that I want to make! And I have a shortage of crochet stockings too, that needs to be rectified asap. It’s the bargain price of $19 dollars, which is ridiculous for 44 quality patterns!

OK, I think I’ve given adequate plugging time to the fabulous bundle so here are some links to the rest of the crochet and yarn things I talked about in episode 90…

The granny square top I’m making is inspired by Emma Escott’s top from her Romantic Crochet book. Everything Emma does as Lulu Loves is beautiful. This kind of top is quick and easy, therefore, the perfect antidote to working on fiddly stitches that give you RSI (thanks, other WIP)!

The first attempt at the granny top is being turned into a bag. It didn’t take much scrolling on Pinterest to find a guide to the best way to lay out squares to do it. I’ve saved the Pins in the Crochet Bags board and the Crochet Techniques board. I’m using King Cole Cottonsoft DK, which is a cotton yarn that I do enjoy using (unlike loads of others!). It’s also cheaper than I said it was!

If you would like to join the small but perfectly formed Patreon Gang, then pop over and have a look at what each tier offers. There are three different options to choose from. In the Granite tier we get together every month for a Zoom chat to talk about everything crochet related as well as everything else! We also have a group chat in Instagram (I’m midway through set up so it’s growing all the time!). Cheers.

MYPZ chunky mohair yarn. 8.50 Euro, not 9.50! Sorry, daft brain plucking random numbers from nowhere. I am really excited about making the Perfect Cardigan in these amazingly colourful yarns. And apologies, MYPZ is a dutch company, not danish. I’m ashamed to say my geography knowledge is poorer than it should be.

Fancy making yourself a Bucket style sun hat? I have just the pattern you need. Will I get round to making it wide brimmed? Who knows!?? I made mine from Wool and the Gang’s Ra Ra Raffia.

The Quayside CAL will quietly bubble away until the first of September when I will send off donations to the two charities I chose. You can read more about that HERE.

If you haven’t checked out my Granny square printed cards, you can do that on Etsy. You can buy them as packs or singly. If shipping prices look like they are a problem, let me know. I set it to be £6.00 or £6.50 worldwide but had a message the other day to say Etsy was charging $66!!!! What? That wasn’t me who did that!

I think that’s all for now but if I’ve missed something, give me a shout! Let me know what you think about everything, I’d love to hear from you.

Cheers. x

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Podcast ready!

4 thoughts on “Z&R Crochet Podcast 90. No Will Power

  1. Thank you for all your photos in the newsletter. I find it helpful to see what other crochet projects look like in progress.

  2. Hello! I have been so busy with work and such that I haven’t been able to watch Podcast 90. However, based on these lovely photos, I’d better get to it! You are a lovely person to watch and you are so great with crochet! Cheers, Erica

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