Z&R Crochet Podcast 97. Thirsty for Hugs

Hi, welcome to the Zeens and Roger Crochet podcast. Episode 97 is the first crochet vid of 2022 and for this year whenever I do a podcast I’m going to try and keep it to around 30 minutes. Let’s see if I can do it! Click on the pic above to go directly to the episode or go HERE to my YouTube channel where you’ll find all previous podcasts and crochet tutorials.

The video with tips and advice on publishing your own crochet designs is HERE.

The latest issue of Inside Crochet magazine is out on the 20th January both digitally and in lots of retailers.

The Mohair blog post is HERE. Again, some good tips and advice on using mohair yarn in your crafty projects.

The Mixtape Medley blanket is now available in US terms. Go HERE for that.

You can get my hat patterns: January Hues, Ansome and Seven Summits at a lower price until the end of the month. The code: HATJAN22 is valid until the 31st of January. You can use that on Ravelry and/or Etsy.

I’m making the Rockmore cardigan from issue 39 of Pompom Quarterly.

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2 thoughts on “Z&R Crochet Podcast 97. Thirsty for Hugs

  1. I absolutely love your new blue bobbly cowl and the textured grey wrap. I tend to run away from anything very geometrical or described as ‘modern’ as I generally find there is no clear understanding of what that is?! (and right now seems to be geometric or chunks of colour). I like stripes though. I love retro or vintage but again those terms can be confusing, but generally I find a home there as I love fringing, tassels, texture and yes cute as well. I buy less patterns right now as I am really not a fan of neutrals (also often called ‘modern’), unless beautifully textured like your grey shawl (the perfect colour for it). Also after being spoiled for a decade with styles I love, we seem to be going back to the pre internet days where there was a lot of stuff that was very dull in mags and books and not inspiring at all (in cream/white or beige or horrible ‘baby’ shades of pastels) and the reason I never crocheted back then.

    I am watching your podcast right now – all about your books and am very excited to see you wearing your new vest/slip over/tank-top. Don’t know yet if you talk about it but I’m so much hoping that you are able to release that as a pattern and the grading stuff all worked out for you. I definitely want to make that and your stripey jumper shown here in this post as well as the blue bobble cowl and grey shawl . {I thought I was posting in a different blog post so might be muddling you). The green jumper you said wouldn’t be a pattern is a huge favourite of mine too.

    I find you an interesting designer because you offer variety – some which is not my cup of tea, (geometrics or stark colour blocking) but I know that other people absolutely do love it. On the other hand some which is on my love, love, love, want to make all the things list. I hope you don’t mind me saying my own preferences or find it upsetting – I know you are a sensitive person – because there is plenty that I think is just lovely for my own taste. It is probably a good thing to be as adaptable, as you must appeal to more people that way (and it’s better than making stripey blankets all your life isn’t it? I think so :}

    Thanks for your designs and all the very hard work involved and your podcasts which I always watch and enjoy. I found the ones about design v interesting. It was very kind of you to share so much useful and helpful info. I’m extremely maths challenged so will never be aspiring to great things. It’s good for people to understand how much work is involved too.

    1. Thank you! I’m really pleased you like the designs I have been working on. And thanks for your thoughtful comments. I always enjoy reading your opinions! I enjoy working on an eclectic mix of things and I think it’s good that we all have our own likes and dislikes. It’d be a dull place if we were all the same. X

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