The Usual Crochet Catchup.

granny-makingThis week I haven’t been making my giant crochet granny blanket but here is what I’ve done so far. It is a pick up, put down type thing. I’m using up any reject colours and leftovers. I’m determined to go as big as possible. I’m itching to pick it up right now but I’ll be sewing for the next few weeks.

stitchy-xmasI’m making loads of Christmas decorations for the school fayre (fair?) in about 3 weeks. The living room is scattered with lost sequins and discarded threads. The hoover objects.

paintbox-yarnsLast weekend I got a delightful parcel in the form of some Paintbox yarns. A present from Emma of Potter and Bloom. I was lucky to be one of the first to finish pattern testing for Emma’s Geoffrey Scarf and this was my prize! It’s aran and I haven’t decided what it’ll be. Do I focus on the colours I’ve got or do I get silly and buy loads more to go with? For some reason these colours are telling me poncho but I fear it might turn out Ugly Betty. Or I could do another scarf…?

drops-melodyI met in the middle with mohair, that was tempting me recently.  I wouldn’t have given this a second look a few weeks ago but after playing with Wool and the Gang’s Take Care Mohair I went on the prowl for cheaper alternatives. I really couldn’t afford to buy the lovely stuff they gave me so I thought I’d try Drops Melody. It is a lot cheaper but it isn’t real mohair. I’ll be tinkering with it in between Christmas decorations. I also got some silk stuff to compare. I think it was on offer.

cottonI also got a mixture of cotton double knits to experiment with. These ones have been stored with the fluffy Melody and are covered in yarny short n curlies. There are worse kinds. I have a design to work on that I think will look good in cotton. I wish I had more time! I need more time.

Over on Instagram I try my best to comment on things I like. Last week, maybe the week before, I casually joined in a conversation about naming some patterns for The Crochet Project. They are releasing a gorgeous quartet of wintery patterns this weekend. I didn’t really think my comments would be considered. I’ve only been fortunate enough to name two of the four projects!! And I got the patterns for free!! I am so chuffed. I had no clue that there would be a gift or even that they’d like my suggestions. I’m very happy indeed. If you see the Kelpie hat or the Selkie cowl, I named those! (I do like my fairy lore). However, now I need to get some yarn so that I can make the patterns. It’ll need to be a little bit special too. I also have The Crochet Project shawl books on my Christmas list. I want to make it everything!

On that note, I’m off. I’m hoping that my next blog post will be about this weekend’s Tar Barrels. If I survive.