Cotton Crochet Bucket Hat

Crochet Bucket hat

A few weeks ago I shared this cotton bucket hat on Instagram and I’m really pleased to say that it has been quite popular. Well, I have seen lots of fab crafters make their own versions of what is a very easy hat to crochet, which must mean it’s something people want to make, right? Anyway I’ve made a second hat because I’ve already lost the first one… oops! As I was hooking it up I decided it deserved a place here on the blog, a blog that I’ve neglected since when? April? (my longest break ever!!)

Obvs bucket hats are every where at the moment, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that! It’s been at least a couple of years since they started popping up as a trend. I know because I made a straw hat version last year. This new pattern uses the US dc (UK treble) rather than a half double (UK htr) and the brim is different too. Essentially they are both bucket hats and they’re both free patterns right here for you to use! Also, let me point out that the other one even has a video tutorial!

changing colour every 2 rows for this crochet hat.

Crochet Pattern Preamble

The pattern then…here we go. I’m gonna use US terms here because I originally wrote the pattern to put in an Instagram post. A lot of followers over on my IG are from the US or are familiar with US terms so I thought that might be a good idea. Please know that all this dc stuff means a UK treble stitch. And because I boshed it out for Insta it also means that it is a pattern with basic detail. That just means I assume you already know the crochet basics, sound okay?

Zeens and Roger Crochet Bucket Hat
I changed colour every row for this one

Notes for before you start Crocheting your Hat

You will need to grab yourself a 4mm crochet hook and dk cotton yarn to make your bucket hat. I used King Cole Cottonsoft. If I’m using cotton in a project this is the yarn I go to first as I find it nice to work with and it has a good range of shades (plus, I’ve got loads of it as stash!). I’m not a major fan of cotton but it definitely has a place, which is usually crochet bags and summer items.

Chose whatever colours you like and change them as often as you want, tis up to you. You know there are no rules here for that sort of thing. For my first hat there is a colour change at every stripe. For the second hat I changed colour every other row. I think the two stripe is slightly more my cup of tea but that’s only if I’m being picky.

The hat fits an average adult human head. I believe my head is probs an average human size. To adapt the pattern to fit a different sized bonce, try going up or down a hook size, or add/take away an increase round. Remember to adjust the brim increases if you’re going to do this though. You can see that the increases follow a certain formula in that the number of stitches in between increases also grow regularly. Once you get to the brim, it’s a case of continuing on with that formula.

I mention crab stitch as an instruction in the last round. This is a reverse US single crochet. You literally work an sc (UK dc) the opposite way to normal. It creates a sort of spirally effect, which is great for edging lots of different crochet projects (I use it quite often!).

Crochet Bucket Hat

Cotton Bucket Hat. Crochet Pattern

Note that “Inc” means “increase” ie, to make 2 stitches in the same place.
Also note that you join each round by slip stitching to the first st of that round (I just don’t want to write that instruction multiple times!🤣).

Make a magic circle, or chain 4 and join ends with a slip stitch to make a circle, which you work into.
Rnd 1: 3ch, 11dc in circle [12 sts]
Rnd 2: 3ch, 1dc in same space, increase around [24 sts]
Rnd 3: 3ch, 1dc in same space, 1dc, *Inc, 1dc; rep from * around. [36 sts]
Rnd 4: 3ch, 1dc in same space, 2dc, *Inc, 2dc; rep from * around. [48 sts]
Rnd 5: 3ch, 1dc in same space, 3dc, *Inc, 3dc; rep from * around. [60 sts]
Rnd 6: 3ch, 1dc in same space, 4dc, *Inc, 4dc; rep from * around. [72 sts]
Rnd 7: 3ch, 1dc in same space, 5dc, *Inc, 5dc; rep from around. [84 sts]
Rnds 8 – 15: 3ch, dc around.
Rnd 16: 3ch, 1dc in same space, 6dc, *Inc, 6dc; rep from * around. [96 sts]
Rnd 17: 3ch, 1dc in same space, 7dc, *Inc, 7dc; rep from * around. [108 sts]
Rnd 18: 3ch, 1dc in same space, 8dc, *Inc, 8dc; rep from * around. [120 sts]
Rnd 19: 3ch, 1dc in same space, 9dc, *Inc, 9dc; rep from * around. [132 sts]
Rnd 20: 1ch, crab stitch around (remember, it’s a reverse single crochet). Done!

Having a chat with Pod.

You’ve just crocheted a hat

And that’s how to crochet a cotton bucket hat, I hope you like it. As patterns go, it’s really quite simple. One of the most basic crochet stitches creates a super summery hat that can be worn all throughout the year. Then there’s the option of adding a crab stitch to finish, if you’re feeling fancy, but you don’t have to add this if you’d rather not. As usual, do what you want, that’s the great thing about making your own stuff! Make some tweaks and adapt it so that it suits what you want.

Cheers! x

PS. This post contains an affiliate link, meaning I get a teeny fraction of the price if you spend spondoolies at Lovecrafts via this link at no extra cost to you.

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