Z&R Crochet Podcast 101. The Curse of the Creative

Fancy Watching a Crochet Podcast?

It has been a while but here is Episode 101, the latest crochet podcast which, you can watch over on YouTube now! I hope it’s worth the wait. It’s chock full of lots of different yarny projects so I think (I hope), you will enjoy spending some time with me.

To watch the episode, you can find it by clicking on the picture above, or popping across my YouTube channel HERE.

The list below is representative of the topics discussed in this latest crafty chat but if there is anything missing please do give me a shout…

Perpetual Dawn for The Fibre Company

Notes & Links to the Crochet Good Stuff:

A couple of blog posts that might interest you are: Working with Mohair Yarn which has a few tips on working with the fluffy stuff. And another, which is an easy guide to How to get Gauge for crochet clothes.

The cotton bucket hat is my latest free pattern. You can find it on the blog right HERE. There’s lots more detail on that blog post about the yarn I used and the pattern itself.

More is to follow about the Farmer’s Field cowl so no actual links yet. I’m feeling self conscious about it. Is it good enough? I like it, I am pleased with the eyelet details. Having a few wholes makes the yarn go further and is a bit different from my usual Corner to Corner crochet patterns.

I did mention about the John Arbon Knit By Numbers yarn though, that is now a C2C cowl but was once an early version of Harvest Moon. Check out crochet podcast episode 36 with that old edging!

The Granny Square Market features in issue 149 of Inside Crochet magazine. Since recording I have already started working on a V stitch version. The release date for it on my own online sales platforms will be at the end of October.

Have you seen Perpetual Dawn yet? It’s a granny square shawl designed by yours truly for The Fibre Company’s “By Hook” Collection. There’s nothing quite like a giant granny project is there?! And I like how this one looks very grown up. I don’t know if you remember but I used their yarn before in the Foragers’ Shawl.

Happy Crocheting. Cheers! X

Granny Market Bag for Inside Crochet magazine
An easy Crochet cotton bucket hat
A cardigan with no name. Yet
A new crochet design in progress
Farmer’s Field
Summer ripe figs.
Destined to be crochet socks
Cotton Crochet Bucket Hat
Blocking swatches

3 thoughts on “Z&R Crochet Podcast 101. The Curse of the Creative

  1. p.s. Oh and I adore your fluffy cardi in the process of being a pattern. I will definitely be on that when it is ready. It’s just so nice. So please hop back on You Tube to tell us about that when it is ready πŸ™‚

  2. Not sure if I sent this just now, as maybe I put email and name in the wrong box (because I am silly like that and think I might have). If you did already get it please delete this duplicate.

    I would think it a very great shame indeed if you chose to no longer podcast. The crafting community has dwindled so much that I would go so far to say there no longer is one. And I miss it greatly. Podcasts are a way of garnering interest in your creativity and designing products. I have purchased several of your patterns and did so because I saw them on YouTube. I don’t buy magazines regularly and would not have heard of you or your designs otherwise. I don’t have Instagram (all those ads) and you can no longer read it without an account.

    YouTube make it difficult to comment there – otherwise you would certainly read comments from me. I would have to set up a channel (stupid, as I will not be making content) in order to do so. I never miss a video, as I simply check regularly for all my favourite podcasts. No one has been releasing any videos recently. I miss all the craft blogging and now all the videos (and there were never many chatty crocheters-more are tutorial based), have gone away too. It’s very sad.

    Also, connection is important. There are loads of patterns out there. I bought your crochet vest pattern because of course I loved the design. I might not have seen it though, or thought of it being what I needed or wanted. I trust in your integrity and your design processes, so when comparing the vest to other patterns I bought yours. In a small way it was also a return for your cheery, funny, entertaining and interesting videos. Other designers who have no profile in social media might well pass me by.

    So, anyway this waffle is to say that your videos are watched, you are appreciated and valued and you are very important for the crafting world, especially crochet as you are such a big flag waver. I do a number of crafts and crochet is right up there – it is no poor relation to anything, so go you for saying so.

    Anyway, you are respected and appreciated and I missed you loads. I know some channels have literally millions of subscribers but you have high figures for a crafting podcast. Even a couple of hundred viewers is pretty massive in the scheme of things don’t you think? It’s a packed out church hall for sure. So you are reaching people! I know algorithms are annoying and infuriating and stupid (I got an add for a male portable urinal the other day!). But please don’t get disheartened. I really hope we will see you again and soon and regularly (all well for me to say I know. It’s a lot of work). Well anyway, thank you v much for all your lovely well written designs and previous chats, whatever you decide.

    Take care and maybe see you soon? (hopefully).

    1. Thank you so much! You’ve started me thinking about what it is to be in a crafting community. Things have changed recently but I think there are more crafters than ever. The more crafters there are the less I’m seeing tight knit communities though (scuse the pun). Maybe that’s the difference. It’s hard to ut into words but social media isn’t as social as it was pre pandemic. Algorithms seem to have taken over during a time when we need community more than ever. Hmmm, this is probably a can of worms so I’d better not start!!

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