A One Skein Crochet Mesh Bag. Free pattern.

Using my bag. Crochet mesh bag pattern.

EDIT:: Hold your horses!! Before you read on, you might like me to direct you to the updated version, which is a far more straight forward pattern with pretty much the same results. GO HERE for the written pattern. And go HERE to YouTube for the video tutorial. Ta! x

The first anniversary of my blogging ways today. That went quickly! Yay me! I’ve enjoyed all of it so far. I’ve learned so much and (conversely) haven’t learned anything at all! I wasn’t sure what it would be like and have been pleasantly surprised. I wonder what the following year will bring!?

In celebration of this momentous occasion (and it totally is momentous) I’m sharing a pattern of mine.

I’ve made a couple of mesh bags before but they required more than just one ball of yarn. I didn’t want loads of balls/skeins rolling about everywhere and I didn’t want to spend loads of money. Crochet can be an expensive hobby! This isn’t a tutorial as I didn’t take many pictures of the making process. I forgot. I remembered in time for the handle making stage, so I have some pics of that part. There is also a delightful diagram I’ve spent aaages drawing. It’s there to help with the end of rounds. I found it tricky to word the pattern for those bits!

Crochet mesh bag. Easy, one skein pattern.

It’s a deceptively good size bag. When I was making it I was unsure there’d be much point in it but you can actually fit loads in there!

I used Rico Essentials cotton dk in Emerald and a 3mm hook. At the end I had approximately a metre left. Your tension will probs be different to mine and if you’re worried about running out of cotton, you could skip a round or make the handle shorter. This yarn is lovely to use and I want more!!

One skein crochet mesh bag. free pattern.

Crochet Mesh Bag.

The pattern is written in UK terms.

Start with a magic ring (or ch4 and join with a slip stitch).

Round 1: Ch3, 11tr into ring. Join to third ch of initial 3 ch with a slip stitch. Pull the magic ring tight to secure. [12st]

Round 2: Ch3, 1 tr into same stitch. 2 tr into each space. Join to third ch of initial 3 ch with a slip stitch. [24st]

Round 3: Ch3, *2tr in next stitch, 1 tr in next* around, ending with 2tr in last st. [36st]

the bag's bottom.

Round 4: Ch1, 1dc in same st. *ch3, skip 1 stitch, 1dc in next* around until the second to last st (stitch). At this point, ch1 and make a half tr into beginning dc. (Have a look at the diagram to see how to join rounds at the end. Bear in mind that it’s just a section of the round, showing the important bit. Placing a stitch marker on the last stitch of each row from here will help) [18 ch sp].

Mesh crochet bag diagram

Round 5: *Ch4, 1dc in next ch sp* around until second to last ch sp. Ch2, 1htr into the top of the last st of the previous round (ie into the top of the htr of previous round).

Round 6: *ch5, 1dc in next ch sp* around until second to last ch sp. Ch2, 1tr into the top of the last st of the previous round.

Round 7: *ch6, 1dc in next ch sp* around until second to last ch sp. Ch3,Β  tr into the top of the last st of the previous round.

Round 8-9: *Ch7, 1dc in next ch sp* around until second to last ch sp. Ch3, 1double tr into the top of the last st of the previous round.

RoundΒ  10:Β  Three increases will be made at even intervals in this round. *Ch7, 1dc in next ch sp, ch4, 1 dc in same ch sp. (Ch7, 1dc in next ch sp) x 5. Repeat from * two more times, finishing before the last ch7. Instead, Ch3, 1double tr into the top of the last st of the previous round. [21ch sp]

Round 11-12: *Ch7, 1dc in next ch sp* around until second to last ch sp. Ch3, 1double tr into the top of the last st of the previous round.

Round 13-20: Ch8, 1dc in next ch sp* around until second to last ch sp. Ch4, 1double tr into the top of the last st of the previous round.

Round 21 : Same as round 7.

Round 22 : Same as round 6.

Round 23: ch1, 1dc in same stitch. 4dc in each ch sp, 1 dc in top of each dc of previous round. Ss into first dc.

Round 24-25: Ch1, 1 dc in same space. Dc around. Ss into first dc.

Handle stage now…

Row 1: Ch1, 1dc in same space, 1 dc in next 7st. Ch1, turn. [8]

Row 2: Dc along the next 8 stitches. Ch1, turn. [8] repeat row 2 until desired handle length or when nearing the end of the yarn (I made my handle approx 18″).

Turn your bag inside out. To attach the handle to the other side of the bag, first count how many stitches are around the top of the bag. I had 100 stitches. You want your handles to be in the middle, I counted 42 stitches along from the right side of my handle and the next stitch (see pic below) was where I started to attach the other end of the handle. Make sure there are no twists in your handle!

crochet mesh bag. Attaching the handle.

The hook should be on the right side. If it isn’t, make another row or take one away.

Ch1. Insert hook through first stitch on handle and the chosen stitch on the other side of the bag (see pic below). Yarn over and pull through all loops/stitches. Repeat for the last 7 stitches, leaving out the initial ch1. Fasten off and sew ends in securely. Finished!

attaching bag handle

Make sure to sew the ends in really well.

handle finished.

This hasn’t been tested and I only made one bag (frogged it a few times in the process) so if you spot something that doesn’t make sense, or I’ve made a mistake, please let me know. This is mostly a way for me to practice pattern writing. I’m not a professional, it took blinkin’ ages and it’s free! Useful feed back here would be gratefully received. Thanks.

Having said that, if it does work, please don’t then publish this pattern without my permission, please don’t pinch the pattern to sell and if you want to make the bags to sell, please give me loads of credit. And I mean loads. And send me a message to say what you’ve been up to. Ta very much!

working extremely hard!

Thanks very much and thanks for reading!

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Using my bag. Crochet mesh bag pattern.xxx


33 thoughts on “A One Skein Crochet Mesh Bag. Free pattern.

    1. Interesting. A different way of joining the bottom would have to be thought about. That’s more brain power and I think I’ve used up my quota!! πŸ™‚

  1. This is great I have it pined! Congrats on your first year, I have another bit to go but it has been interesting to say the least …. Loving the green by the way πŸ˜‰

    1. Cheers!! It’s all been a nice kind of amble with a few frantic bursts of crazy. Most of the crazy has been since January actually so I guess things are moving in the right direction!

  2. Happy blog birthday! You made me look and see when I started out and it was June 1st so I had better get blog enabled by then! Your bag is my favourite colour. I can see it being very practical for all sorts. Thanks for sharing your pattern x

    1. Thank you! I got a notification from WordPress ages ago (I wrote a very bad post in the March but deleted it!) That prompted me to check when I made my first real post. It goes quicklydoesnt it?
      I love the green, the bag is for my sister-in-law’s new baby (when it arrtives). I gather it’ll have nappies, wipes and pots of sudocreme in it!

    1. Thank you! Let me know if you try out the pattern with the cotton. I loved it and want more to make doilies/mandala type things and maybe some cushions! X

  3. Thank you,that’s fab.I’m in the process of writing a tutorial for a brooch and it takes SO long to do,you don’t realise how many steps there are when you do something from your head do you? πŸ˜•

    1. I know! It feels so simple too but written down, there’s loads of it! That’s why I only give away free patterns for simple projects!! πŸ™‚ Anything more complicated requires hours and hours of brain power.

    1. I don’t understand. It says to repeat the pattern two more times in round 10 not seven. Please can you rephrase the question then I might be able to work it out. Thanks you.

      1. O I’m sorry.. I cant understand whats going on round ten..Can u pls explain ?? How cum increase 18ch spaces to 21ch spaces ??? Or show me diagram pattern!!

      2. I guess you could leave it if you don’t feel like doing the increases. I don’t know what it would look like but I guess it’d just be a bit smaller. I wrote the pattern in May and I can’t remember off the top of my head how it all goes.

  4. Hi. Great bag and its working up well. I am a little confused at row 22/ 23 maybe I’ll end row 22 differently so I will be in the right place for 23. Thanks.

    1. Hmm, I think it might need a re-write. Essentially, it’s the first row of the edging. 4dc in each ch sp and 1 each dc of the previous round. But you need to start with 2 dc in the very first space because you start half way. However, I haven’t looked into it properly. Not yet. I will. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. πŸ™‚

  5. Hi! Great bag. I have just made one similar to this but only had 2 rows around the top opening & did 2 handles made up of 4 lengths of chiains & pulled together with a number of single crochets.

  6. Seen a and Roger. Have just finished making your mesh bag pattern, it’s similar to the one I have made over the years copying from an old string bag that I inherited from my Grandmother. I am making these bags to sell as reusable shopping bags for a minimal price haven’t worked out how much yet as I have made some from my stash and have recently bought new cotton. Thanks for sharing xxx

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