Zeens & Roger Crochet Vlogcast 29

It’s about time I got another episode out so here is episode 29 of the Zeens and Roger Crochet podcast. Please click on the image above to get to the episode or go to YouTube HERE for all of the stuff on my channel. If you’re short on time there’s a selection of photos below but if you ask me, you really need to immerse yourself in some actual crochet chat… Righty, links for stuff below. Ta very much.

The Venice blog post. Loads of photos and loads of drooling over the food.

Hotchpotch Granny purse tutorial

Mesh bag pattern. A free pattern

Holey Smokes no 1 is over on Ravelry

Cat pins, I love them! Check out Niaski and Peskimo on Etsy. Both local to me and both are amazing designers.

John Arbon Textiles. Proper wool.

Qing Fibre, Garn Surr, Easy Knits, Countess Ablaze

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2 thoughts on “Zeens & Roger Crochet Vlogcast 29

  1. That pink mohair is gorgeous! What a great purchase. I enjoyed this episode, I think the bag will look great with the handles. Looking forward to seeing the shawl you teased us with!
    My favourite thing you said though was exactly the kind of thing I say to my children- โ€˜you donโ€™t look like youโ€™re in painโ€™ ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

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