Hotchpotch Granny Purse.

How to Make Hotchpotch Granny Stitch Purse

I’ve decided that this cute design will be called the Hotchpotch Granny purse, it fits the bill quite nicely, don’t you think? A hotchpotch of leftover yarn scraps makes the perfect crochet stashbuster.

You can also use all kinds of yarn but I use a magic knot technique to join yarn ends and I think that works best with acrylic yarn. It would probably work well with wool too but I’ve not tried it. I’m not keen on the magic knot for cotton though, in my experience the knot has slipped undone. Especially with mercerized cotton so you might want to avoid that.

As I’ve said, you can use any yarn to make a purse, along with your favourite corresponding hook size but there pretty much are no rules to this. If you’re unsure about hook sizes, check the yarn’s ball band to see what the recommended hook size is.

Ok, actually there is one rule: you need multiples of 3 plus 1 for the starting chain. Even if you’re a stitch or two out then I’m sure you can fudge it, crochet is very forgiving! But aim for 3 plus 1 and you’ll be fine.

Crochet Video Tutorial

I’ve filmed this as a video tutorial over on YouTube rather than write up a specific pattern [pop over to watch how to make a granny Hotchpotch purse HERE]. It’s an easier pattern to show you how rather than work up as a written pattern. I hope that’s OK. It’s not something I do very often but I think it works for this.

Covered in the tutorial is: how to make the magic knot (such an interesting and scary technique!), making up the granny stripes from the bottom up, and then lining it too. All in eighteen minutes! I also recommend you visit my zip video too [it’s HERE should you need it – it’s one of my very first video tutorials]. If you’ve never put a zipper in your crochet before it might well prove useful.

Different Crochet Bags

I use my little Hotchpotch purse granny stripe purse as my make up bag. But I have one as a notions pouch too. I then made a bigger one for my sister, which I added leather handles to (see below). I also added a few rounds of plain stitches as a finishing touch (US hdc I think).

Using the stitch multiple rule you can make a small coin purse, colourful handbag, or a tote-like shopper. There are lots of possibilities and not much stopping you!

Happy Crocheting!

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16 thoughts on “Hotchpotch Granny Purse.

  1. So cute! Every time I see pictures of these I think β€œI have to make one of those” and then I never get around to it πŸ˜‹ But one of these days…

  2. You’re the best. Love the tiny bags. Gonna try your new lining tip. Thank you so much for sharing your talents. Thank you. I love you to pieces. Hugs from Canada.

    1. Ta very much! πŸ˜€
      I’ve got some sewing to do too. But there’s also crochet… and my plans have all been dumped on because they’ve closed the school for three days to sort out a drain issue!! πŸ™

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