Granny Square Bag. Free Crochet Pattern & Video Tutorial

Only two weeks after the last crochet tutorial (an asymmetric granny stitch cowl), here are two more! I know, bonkers, right?!  But sorry, I’m flooding you with grannies at the moment, I swear I do have other ideas that involve other crochet stitches.

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To Crochet a Bag, You will Need…

To make your own crochet granny square bag you will need lots of lovely yarn in all your favorite colours. Mine is very much a stashbuster. I used what I had yarn leftovers of rather than going out to buy more.  You will also need a hook that matches the yarn weight. You may even think about going down a hook size to ensure that your bag has decent structural integrity.

You will also need some matching fabric (a polycotton will do nicely) and something to sew it (a machine is preferable but there’s nothing stopping you from sewing by hand). Along with, have some pins at the ready too. It’s also a good idea (but not essential) to get some interfacing to add to the sturdiness of the bag.

Bag handles, don’t forget bag handles! I think I found mine by googling “long bag handles” and up they popped. They would have been less than a fiver.

Video Tutorials

This tutorial is based on a granny square bag I made a couple of years ago. The original blog post can be found HERE. There are lots of details in that post that will be super useful here. However, it is a slightly different  version. I’ve made this new crochet bag a bit less fussy, which is always a winner for makers.

There are two videos for this project. One is how to put the granny square bag together. The one below is how to work Join As You Go grannies. I start by making one granny square and then at the time stamp of 5.25 I begin to join them together. At first this can seem a little daunting but once you get your head around the construction, joining as you go is really good fun. Not to mention a huge time saver!

Please see below for some accompanying pictures. Not quite step by step photos; they will help with putting your own crochet bag together, especially for when you get to add the bag lining. I would always advise lining a granny square bag. How else do you stop things falling through the holes!?

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