Easy One Skein Crochet Market Bag. Free Pattern

On Monday I began recording a video tutorial for an old version of this crochet net bag. Crochet market bags are massive at the minute and, jumping on the band wagon, I hit record and started making. I got a few rounds in when I started to question its construction. It became quite clear that I was trying to be way too fancy with the pattern; there are some truly unnecessary instructions in there and two years ago, I didn’t ask myself if there was an easier way! I’ve updated it. This is a much simpler version of that market bag yet it pretty much looks the same.

Here it is…

Pop to YouTube HERE or continue reading for the written crochet pattern. Cheers.

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Notes for Your Crochet Shopping Bag

  • 3mm hook
  • 1x50g ball cotton dk such as DMC Natura Just Cotton (155m/170yds) (or Rico Essentials dk works well but it’s slightly less meterage so you might want to knock off a round of the main body, just in case).
  • The 3ch at the beginning of the first 4 rounds count as a UK tr/ US dc
  • If you have loose tension, it would be better to go down to a 2.5mm hook
  • The pattern is written in UK terms – where it says “dc”, that’s a US sc and a “tr” is a US dc. So htr is hdc! Easy peasy.
  • No turns are made when making the main body of the bag.

Crochet Market Bag Pattern

Start with a magic ring (or ch4 and join with a slip stitch).

Round 1: 3ch, 11tr into ring. Join to third ch of initial 3ch with a slip stitch, pull the magic ring to close. [12st]

Round 2: 3ch, 1tr into same stitch, 2tr into each stitch, join to third ch of initial 3 ch with a slip stitch. [24st]

Round 3: 3ch, 1tr in same st, 1 tr in next st, *2tr in next stitch, 1 tr in next; rep from * around, join with sl st. [36st]

Round 4: 3ch, 1 tr in same st, 1tr in next 2st, *2tr in next st, 1tr in next 2st; rep from * around, join with sl st. [48st]

Round 5: 1ch, 1dc in same st. *ch3, miss 1 stitch, 1dc in next; rep from * around until the second to last stitch. At this point, ch1 and make a half tr into beginning dc. (Have a look at the chart above to see how to join rounds.  Placing a stitch marker on the last stitch of each row from here will help enormously) [24 chain spaces].

Round 6: *4ch, 1dc in next ch sp; rep from * around until second to last ch sp, 2ch, 1htr into the top of the last st of the previous round (ie, into the top of the htr of previous round).

Round 7: *5ch, 1dc in next ch sp; rep from * around until second to last ch sp, 2ch, 1tr into the top of the last st of the previous round.

Round 8: *6ch, 1dc in next ch sp; rep from * around until second to last ch sp, 3ch, tr into the top of the last st of the previous round.

Round 9: *7ch, 1dc in next ch sp; rep from * around until second to last ch sp, 3ch, 1double tr into the top of the last st of the previous round.

Round 10 -25:  Repeat Round 9

Round 26: Repeat round 8

Round 27: Repeat round 7

Round 28: 1ch, 1dc in same stitch, 2dc in space, 1dc in dc, *4dc in each ch sp, 1 dc in top of each dc of previous round; rep from *,  2dc in last sp, ss to join to 1st dc [120]

Round 29-30: 1ch, 1 dc in same space, dc around, ss to join.

Handle Stage

Row 1: 1ch, 1dc in same space, 1 dc in next 6st, turn [7]

Row 2: 1ch, 1dc along the next 7 stitches, turn [7]

Repeat Row 2 until desired handle length or when nearing the end of the yarn (I made my handle approx 18″).

Turn your bag inside out. To attach the handle to the other side of the bag, count how many stitches are around the top of the bag. I had 120 stitches. You want your handles evenly spaced, I counted 53 stitches along from the right side of my handle and the next stitch (see pic below) was where I started to attach the other end of the handle. Make sure there are no twists!

The hook should be on the right hand side. If it isn’t, make another row or take one away. Insert hook through first stitch on handle and the chosen stitch on the other side of the bag, yarn over and pull through all loops/stitches. Repeat for the last 6 stitches. Fasten off and sew ends in securely.

This pattern has been designed by me and is for your personal use only. Please visit my Ravelry store for more crochet patterns! Thank you.

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42 thoughts on “Easy One Skein Crochet Market Bag. Free Pattern

  1. Awesome! Thankyou for sharing this. I’ve been wanting to make one of these but hadn’t got round to looking for a good pattern. This looks like a good way to use one of my small skeins as well!

  2. I love this – thank you!
    (I’m a bit confused, between the written pattern and the video. From the video, I gather that the main body of the bag is repeats of Round 9 (7 ch) and at the top, a Round 8, then Round 7 before the finishing rounds. I’m assuming that’s what’s intended for the written instructions as well?)

    1. Whoops!! I’ve changed the numbers. You think you’ve got it all correct and then there’s a mistake in plain sight! Thank you for pointing it out 😀

  3. I started to make a market bag from a book- crochet calm- it was a nightmare! So complicated! So I’ll pull it out and try your lovely design instead 😄 xx

  4. Please help, my bag is a flat circle and won’t work up. I wanted to make it bigger, so I started with 9 round bottom, now I’m working on 24th round (13th round mesh) and it is still flat.
    What am I doing wrong? Any advices?

    1. It probably will work up the sides eventually, it’s just that increasing the bottom rounds means more work to get there. Your bag is going to be giant!

      1. Thanks, I’m relieved 🙂 Well, I wanted a bag bigger than Yours, and now I’m making giant 😉

  5. I used Peaches &Cream size 4 Seabreeze and size 5.0 crochet hook. I made my top finish 3 rows. Love the pattern!! Tytyty

    1. It’ll depend on the yarn you use to make it. I carried a lot round in one of mine this weekend (enough that it dug into my shoulder and hurt!). It survived that so I think it’ll be good for most of your average shopping.

  6. I have a question concerning Round 9 and following.
    Round 9: *7ch, 1dc in next ch sp; rep from * around until second to last ch sp, 3ch, 1double tr into the top of the last st of the previous round.

    In American, is that 1double crochet into the top? Or is it 2 double crochet stitches into the top?

  7. Thank you for sharing the pattern I don’t seem to see a link to the printable version is there a link for a printable version thanks Joelle

  8. Thank you for this fabulous pattern! I have always wanted to make a bag like this! I copied and pasted the pattern in a document, and rewrote it to only use American directions, and it worked out perfectly! I made it in cream, but now I want to make another in a pretty color too!

  9. I wanted to try the DMC natura with one of these gorgeous bags as I’ve been making mine with a recycled aran weight, but I’m confusing myself over the natura medium and 4 ply… I can’t find a dk…. Would you be able to advise me on which you used as it looks so lovely.. Pretty please xx

    1. I no longer have the ball bands to confirm, sorry. However, it does give the meterage in the pattern, maybe match that to a yarn you want to use? That should do the trick!

  10. I have just completed a Granny Market bag and two market bags, a third will be on my hook tomorrow. So pleased with them and your patterns are so easy to follow. Thank you 🥰

  11. Thank you for the great video and pattern, i just finished my market bag and it turned out well, not sure if i used the correct yarn but i like it. I used Whims Merino in purple, Thank you

  12. Made this bag today. It was really easy and looks beautiful. It’s my first every crotchet piece and first time following a pattern. I’m so proud of it ❤️

  13. What a fabulous and beginner-friendly pattern you’ve created~! Thank you very much for sharing it with us. I’ll give it a try as soon as I can since I have in mind another use for this lovely mesh bag -I need a bag similar to a soap saver to put my rubber gloves in after doing the dishes..

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