Encouraging fairies; I made paper mache toadstools!

paper mache toadstool ring

I spent the weekend making these toadstools and I love them! In my head they were expertly crafted and beautifully painted. In real life they’re not quite as perfect looking as in my head but I reckon I did a pretty good job. As usual, I was religiously trawling Pinterest when I saw some that I knew I had to make.

At the weekend I am helping with a friends birthday party. Her daughter is turning four and is having a fairy themed party. I think I’ll be able to squeeze these in there somewhere. If they survive, I’ll also work them into my Halloween celebrations!!

Any way, I thought I’d share my pictures of how I made mine. The original tutorial is really good and it’s a proper tutorial whereas, I’ll just show the various stages of the makings of them. Iย  recommend checking out the original if you fancy having a go.

making toadstools with foil

Actually this was an addition to the tutorial; I added coppers to the bottoms of the stems to add weight. They stand up nicely.

using pennies as weights

For the larger toadstools, I made a disc of foil and put three pennies on top.

wrapping the bottom in foil

Then I wrapped that in more foil and squidged it together.

shaping the toadstool stem

Twisty twisty with the foil.

foil base for toadstools

The caps were made separately from the stems.

covering the foil toadstool pieces in masking tape

Following the tutorial, I covered it all in masking tape so that the paper mache has something to grip. I don’t know if this was necessary but it also helped to shape everything.

paper mache toadstools

Once I had covered it all, I left them for a couple of days to dry naturally. In April, I was playing with paper mache and thought I’d put my creation out in the hot sun to dry. It was too intense and it did annoying crinkly things to what I was working on (Ice King pinata-it was so cool).

painting toadstools

I’ve ruined my tray as I was too lazy to get a separate doodah for the paint. I did two coats ofย  acrylic paint. Three would have been better.

getting out the glue gun

I love playing with my glue gun. Stems got stuck to caps. And fingers.

painting on the dots

I thought too much about dot placement. Not the worst thing to worry about, I guess.

paper mache toadstool decoration.

Now, er, where to put them? I don’t know and I don’t care, they’re so cute!

easy paper mache toadstools

I skipped the stage of using paper mache to smooth out the seal between cap and stem. I shouldn’t have done. It would’ve have looked so much better with lovely neat gills.

Any way, that is what I did at the weekend! I also squeezed in a couple of crochet squares for the fireplace blanket (nearly all squares done). And I’ve fun over the last two days making half a tonne of tissue paper flowers and other exciting fairy party related things. Really, I should have my own fairy party. It’s all too exciting.

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