Most worst, rushiest blog post ever.

walking dead bamboo

Tomorrow, I estimate that I have about four hours to finish two incomplete projects and begin two new ones. I am not sure that I can do it. Sadly, this probably means my Walking Dead blanket won’t get a look in. We only have three episodes of season 4 left to go and I could so finish it but alas, I must prioritise.

unfinished doily

Doily, unfinished. I’m on the last round and it needs blocking.

coraline in hiding

Very special dolly. Mostly done. Just need to sort out her hair.

zebra leg

The “I hate you zebra”. I managed to put off making this for approximately three years. Its time is now. Fiddly, piddly, and it just takes too blinkin long.

And there are two other things I haven’t even started!Swear words ensue.

Nevertheless, I am mega excited that Christmas is here and I am looking forward to all of it. Happy Christmas. x

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