The things I made in December

pieces of zebra

Better late than never, here is the Christmas stuff I made. Not all of it, I didn’t take pictures of it all. These are the things I thought I should record as they’re all firsts.

Making an amigurumi zebra

This fella was finished on Christmas Eve. I spent a long time on him, mostly in little bursts because like an old lady, I couldn’t work with the black yarn in the dark. And it was always dark in December.

hand made crochet zebra

Many hours later…. I think I did an acceptable job.

Cute amigurumi zebra

Little toddler fingers had smudged the camera lense and I didn’t notice until much later.

christmas zebra

I followed Elisabeth Doherty’s pattern from her Amigurumi book. The pattern is for a fawn which is surrounded by other ami patterns (although I don’t fancy making a crochet burger really). However, I know that the fawn pattern can be bought on its own on Etsy and maybe Ravelry as a pdf. I’m sure it was last time I looked.

An amigurumi zebra

The back legs twisted too much so that the knees are wrongly placed, I didn’t say anything and I don’t think the recipient will notice. She’s only two.

Kids crochet cardigan

I made a little crochet cardi. Super speedy it was. The pattern is from Simply Crochet Magazine, issue 32. I was very good and bought the recommended wool, Drops Nepal. I chose slightly different colours but mostly I stuck to the recipe.

little crochet cardi

I had pink leftover so instead of a ribbon tie, I made a crochet one. It might be a bit bulky though, which is probably the reason why the pattern goes for ribbon.

Cardigan yoke

Not sure what to do with the leftovers, only a small amount of the yoke colours are needed. Ohh, pompoms?!

blocking the round doily.

Nanna and Grandad got a doily for Christmas. I used DMC Natura Just Cotton in Dk. The pattern is from Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts: Lacy Crochet. I didn’t do a particularly neat job of blocking it as I ran out of ironing board. My Nanna was pleased as she said it can replace the doily her mother had made her (it is falling apart). I don’t know how old that one is but she told me that her mother died in 1976.

Coraline doll

And here is Coraline.Quite a big doll. Whilst not perfect, I am proud of her as I made her up totally from my head. All of it. Including the pattern for the coat, which only bloody well fit first time! Dead pleased. But not completely over the moon. I want to make her again to sort all the tweaks that are required. Her head and neck shape is wrong, which in turn has ballsed up her face. And I was afraid to press her clothes incase the felt melted. Neatness has been sacrificed.

An emergency ear fix

She also needed an emergency operation on her ears because they were dreadful. I so know what I’d do to make them better but I ran out of fabric and time.

Coraline's face

They are supposed to poke through her hair and that, they do

Home made Coraline

It is a huge relief to have ticked these things off my list. I have a perkier list for January, which pretty much includes making stuff solely for me!


32 thoughts on “The things I made in December

  1. CertainlyCrochet says:

    I have Elisabeth Doherty’s amigurumi book as well! It’s very neat how you changed the fawn to a zebra, it looks cute!


  2. crawcraftsbeasties says:

    Yaaaay, Coraline! I finally saw the whole movie a couple of days ago, and I recognised the doll immediately. She turned out really well! And as someone who uses a lot of felt, you can safely iron it without melting it, even if it’s polyester. If you’re not certain, use a low heat setting, or test on a scrap first to see how it reacts. Your gifts are lovely… I’m sure there were some happy people around the tree on Christmas morning!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. FC5 says:

    Your finished projects are all so lovely! I’m also drawn to the granny square blanket that Coraline is resting on. Can you tell me more about it? My fingers and brain are itching to make one like it– even though I already have a ton of projects lined up…


    • Zeens and Roger says:

      Thank you! I made that one about three years ago. I haven’t written a post about it but I probably could. They are just bog standard circles joined together using a continuous join. It lives on my sofa and is used a lot! There are always a ton of projects lined up!

      Liked by 1 person

      • FC5 says:

        If you decide to write a post on it, I would definitely be interested! I love the color palette and am interested to know more about the choice in color combinations. Also have enjoyed reading about your other projects and seeing the photos. The Lilypad Fireplace blanket is another one inspiring me to make Granny squares!


      • Zeens and Roger says:

        It’s a good idea. I might do it next week or the one after because I won’t have much else new to show. I’m nearly finished with another blanket but after that nothing is anywhere near complete. It’ll be a good filler!Thanks.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Zoe says:

    Love that cardigan! I made a crochet cape for my kid once and she never wore it, so I have been a bit afraid to make any more kiddy clothing for her… Plus, the way she treats the hats and scarves I make for her… heartbreaking everytime I see a stitch snag on some wood splinter…


    • Zeens and Roger says:

      Thanks! I’ve seen it worn and heard it’s been worn again, so I’m happy. However I think it was a stupid move to use a hand wash only wool! Um, it’s for a one year old!! I don’t make clothes for my two boys, it would be a waste of time!

      Liked by 1 person

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