Small things and Fun things.

Easy handmade valentines day card.

It’s half term, so it’s all a rush. Without too much gubbins I’ll share what I’ve been up to over the last few week.

Handmade birthday card

Husband got a Valentine’s card, my Mum got a birthday card. Both quick, easy and fun to do yet very effective, I think. Inspired by The Messy Brunette and her post about Valentines.

Cotton crochet doily

I made a couple of doilies with the cheap Drops cotton I bought. Cheap for a reason. VERY splitty. But I wasn’t expecting it to be amazing at 80p a ball.

Ugly cotton doily

The first one is the better of the two but neither are great. Not dainty in the slightest and I think they’ll just get hidden away rather than used. I found a diagram pattern on pinterest that I used. And I only went and blocked something!! I usually try to avoid it but here, there was no escaping it this time.

Hyacinth embroidery

I completed my hyacinth embroidery. I can’t find the time to do anything with the flowery embroidery things I’ve been doing. Maybe next week.

Making a crochet scarf.

Crocheting instead of perservering with my knitting. I love crochet.

perle cotton x50

Buying cotton. I can go through so much embroidery thread. Hopefully this is the answer. Bought from Ebay for less than £25! 50 flippin balls!

many colours of anchor cotton

It wasn’t in any kind of colour order so I’ve been playing with the way they live together.


I’m more excited than I should be about some cotton.


Look at the beautious bounty of awesomeness!

colourful thread.

It was bought with Christmas money, I still got a mild telling off for buying more craft crap. It has nowhere to go.

18 thoughts on “Small things and Fun things.

  1. I absolutely love the craft crap you bought, what a bargain! Those colours just make me take a sharp intake of breath. If it makes you happy then he should be happy too. And I don’t think I could have resisted that yarn at 80p a ball either! X

  2. All that thread, the palette… I am suffering thread envy!! It looks like enough to do a whole tapestry!! (Maybe that’s an idea *wink*). I also bought a lot of Drops Paris yarn because I was being cheap and the colours are actually really good. I also find it splitty too and was very disappointed. BUT I’d bought a Drops hook and somehow with that hook it does not split! Which brand of cotton yarn do you usually work with? All the other brands I tried weren’t any better. I thought it was just cotton yarn.

    1. A drops hook?! Hmm, maybe I should try a different hook… But I think you’re right about cotton. I’ve used similar and they’ve all been splitty. Posh ones can be all silky and lovely (and mostly non splitty) but don’t have the same look. King Cole cotton soft is one I’ve used and DMC Natura is nice. Both are totally different from each other but both lovely.
      Not gonna even try a tapestry! :p

  3. Oooh, so many pretty things! You really scored with that thread haul, what a bargain! And if you have any of your Drops cotton left, you could use it for knitting instead. It actually knits up quite nicely… I used to use it to make scarves for people who found animal fibres too tickly!

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