First time putting real things on Etsy!

Spring set of needle cases.

I don’t usually visit here over the weekend but I’m here to quickly link to my Etsy shop, which I have now added things to! Go me! Not sure how well these needle cases will do. They are needle cases after all, a bit too specific maybe. At the time I didn’t know what else to do with the embroidery I’d done. I actually would like to just present them on their hoops in future. They looked so nice like that. Any way, here is the link and some pictures. Have a lovely weekend!! X

Handmade felt needlecases

stitching daffs. daffodil embroidery almost completed snowdrops stitching.Snowdrops embroidered needlecase Snowdrops embroidered needle case Hyacinth needle case standing Hyacinth needle case Hyacinth embroidered needlecase Daffodil needle case back. Daffodil embroidered needlecase Daffodil embroidered needle case standing


26 thoughts on “First time putting real things on Etsy!

  1. I think I understand your anxiety…I’ve always had the idea no one would want to buy something that I made…but if other folks can do that and be successful…why not just try it out and see! I bet you will be surprised at how it all turns out. You have a wonderful talent, so don’t sell yourself short! If I were you I would try out putting a few of your works in hoops/frames and posting them for sale and see what happens! Experiment! I love the needle books..beautiful!

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  2. Yes, as everybody has said, they are lovely. And so much work in the embroidery – think of the hours something like this takes. And a needle case is vital. I’ve got two main ones and I’m always losing them. Very best of luck with these.

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