A first attempt at Me Made May.

Having a go at Cherry Heart's Victoria Shawl.

At the beginning of the month I made a last minute pledge to join in with Me Made May. I love the idea; encouraging sewers, knitters, crocheters to make or refashion clothes to wear during the month of May. My pledge was to bring out all the handmade items hidden in my wardrobe and wear them. I also pledged to make a dress. The only problem is that the weather has been a bit iffy and even on nice days none of my makes have been suitable.

Random handmade clothes

All summery skirts, see? I wore the grey lycra maxi skirt but that was all. They’re all different: dirndle, wrap skirt, plain old elasticated waist jobs (with or without pockets!!). I guess I will wait until the sun really shines to prance about in them.

need to redo hem

Talking of that maxi skirt, the hem really needs sorting out. I’m glad I’ve been taking part in this challenge because it has brought to my attention that the hem needs taking up an inch. It’s a bit close to the edge. I think wide hems look better. It’s a long enough skirt that I can adjust it too. I know this because I keep tripping up in it.

skirt that needs unpicking

The other project that was brought to light was this pretty skirt. I remember getting ridculously frustrated with the machine tension. I didn’t know how to get it right. Then at the end of last summer, whilst “teaching” my friend how to sew, it twigged that I needed to adjust the bobbin tension under the plate. Honestly, I felt so dim-witted, I first started using this machine when I was 12 and I’m now in my thirties. The shame! Anyway, now that I know this, I want to unpick the skirt and sort out all the dodgy seams. This was supposed to have been done over the last few weeks… erm, maybe this weekend?!

Cherry Heart's Victoria Shawl.

This shawl, I am pleased with. I love it! I wore it to a wedding last weekend. I made it out of Drops Baby Merino. I think I’ll write about more about it next week. I took tonnes of pictures so I definitely have more to share. It’s a pattern by Cherry Heart called Victoria shawl.


And finally, this is the dress I made! I reckon the only reason I actually sat down and made it was because it was going to be my party frock for the wedding I went to. At the last minute I chickened out of wearing it, it didn’t feel smart enough. And it wasn’t warm enough! The pattern is from Simply Sewing magazine and it’s By Hand London‘s Charlie dress. I’m happy with how it turned out. I had to make adjustments for my weird body (I have a long body, with high waist and narrow back). I extended the bodice length andΒ  widened the front side panels to accommodate the gargantuan bosom. (Thank you to 7 year old for taking pictures of me. I felt a bit daft doing this, I have to say).

close up of zip and wonky bits

Right at the end I spotted that the bands on the bodice don’t meet. I’m putting that down to the inaccurate the extensions I made. I’m not going to complain about the zip, I’m satisfied with that although I’m sure it has issues. I’m keen to have another go with different fabric and maybe with a half circle skirt instead of the quarter one here. Stitchy stitch.

Right, that is my Me Made May experience. I can’t say that I’ve thrown myself into it with complete gusto but I did make a dress and that makes me feel alright!

23 thoughts on “A first attempt at Me Made May.

  1. Ah that dress is fab! I tried a dress making class once not for me ! I love that shawl it’s on my ever expanding list !!! & there’s a drops sale on with woolwarehouse …..

    Teresa aka Shirleyrainbow is doing this too interesting to see all the makes

    1. Thanks. I’m content just with sewing every now and again, therefore I’m not that much better than I was a few years ago. I enjoy it when I get into the swing of it.
      I love this shawl. Definitely one to make again. Drops sale… dangerous.
      I’ve been following Teresa at Shirley Rainbow, I love the things she makes.

    1. I loved your shawl, I was tempted to use more than one colour but couldn’t decide on any good combos!
      Have fun with your sewing machine, I’d be interested to see what you get up to!

  2. The shawl is lovely, well done. Hopefully the weather will be nice enough to wear the dress soon, I think I would feel a bit silly posing in the garden also, the chickens would think I was crazy!

  3. Your makes look great! I love the dress, and the shawl is awesome… I’ve made projects with Drops baby merino too, and it’s so nice to work with. Now all you need is some nice summery days so you can wear everything πŸ˜€

      1. That Goldilocks day can’t be far off though… it was so warm here in Dublin yesterday that I thought we’d been picked up and moved 200 miles south!

    1. Thank you very much! I’ve got enough different yarn to make a couple more shawls. I do love them but I already have so many that I don’t know where to keep them!

  4. Your dress looks great! I have that pattern too… I might have to give it a go! Your shawl is really beautiful, what a gorgeous design. (Sorry for such a late comment on this post) Teresa x

  5. Lovely dress and fab shawl. Me Made May didn’t go quite to plan for me either, but I did get very inspired so now I’ve just got to magic a few more wide awake hours in the day and I’m all set for sewing all my own clothes!

    1. I think if I had a place where I could leave everything out then it would be a lot easier to actually finish a garment. As it is, I have to do it all in stages and after each stage pack it all away. Not the best way to get motivated. :/

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