Summer fete fun!

Even more felt things.

For four weeks I’ve been making things. OK, I know I always make things but this time I’ve been making things with a specific purpose. A month ago I was asked if I fancied having a stall at the school’s summer fete. I thought “why not?” Hopefully I’ll get to sell a few things and help towards raising money for the school. Sounds alright. I enjoyed doing a similar thing last Christmas. That was my first time doing such a thing and I found out that I really enjoyed myself!

My main concern this time is that I have no idea about the kind of things people might like at this time of year. Christmas is easy as everyone is always up for buying a new decoration (or two) for the tree. Summer? Not got a clue. I might have misjudged this but I’ve gone for a little bit of everything. It’s a learning experience and I’ll find out a lot, I’m sure.

Collection of crochet blankets.I’ve said previously that I don’t think this is the sort of event for selling baby blankets but I’m taking some anyway. You never know. By the way, these blankets have been made over a period of a few months not just churned out in the last four weeks!

Lots of felt brooches and keyrings.

There will be loads of felt designs. They’re all my own designs. I’ve got either brooches or keyrings. I think the owls are my favourite.. or the fish. And the cats!  The cherries look fabulously kitsch! I think I love them all.

Handmade crafts

I’ve got some random makes too. Leftovers from playing/experimenting. I really like the rose brooches. They’re aran alpaca with wool felt leaves. The rose is Attic 24’s May Rose.

Crochet hearts with roses.

Speaking of Attic 24, these are the May roses used on a sweet crochet heart. Have a look here for the original inspiration.

crochet hearts and flowers

Someone has already asked that I put one of these aside for them so I do hope that that’s a good omen for the rest of them.

crochet roses and bows

It would appear that I’ve got a thing about these May roses, I’ve used them for hair slides too (not many though as I know that there is another stall that’ll be there, selling hairclips and I don’t want to tread on any toes ;p ). For the crochet bows I started with a pattern from Nicki Trench’s Geek Chic Crochet but it was too big and taking far too long to make a single bow. I cheated by using less stitches and using quicker stitches too. For some reason I find trebles much easier and less fiddly than half trebles. Most of these are made using scraps that were left over from blanket making. There’s a lot of merino stuff and the pastel coloured ones are a merino yarn mixed with cashmere. It’s lovely stuff to work with.

crochet hearts. Keyrings.

Puff hearts are from Planet June. Very cute.

pile of blankets

There’s something about a pile of blankets that I love. It’s a good job too, I have a mountain of crochet blankets in my house. And that’s the ones that are here to stay. I’m not going to mention the ones I was supposed to put on Etsy six months ago.

Crochet ripple blanket

This one will be finished by the weekend. Just in time.  There are so many more things I wish I had time to make. It seems that I have just about run out of time. However, I would like to point out that this really isn’t everything that I’ve made over the last month. I might share some other things on Instagram too. There will be loads more…

Little crochet coasters

You’ll just have to come and see me to find out what else there is. I might look like a misery guts but I’m honestly not (I do suffer from Bitchy Resting Face though), so if you’re at the school fete in Ottery st Mary this Saturday, come over and say hello! I think it’s 12-3pm. Thanks very much. X




22 thoughts on “Summer fete fun!

  1. Good grief – you have been busy! Everything looks so lovely, I’m sure your stall will be a great success. I have a particular fondness for badgers so that one is my favourite. I wish I lived in Ottery St Mary!

  2. Ha ha ha! Bitchy resting face!! Apparently I suffer from worried resting face… People are always asking me if I’m okay because I alway look worried!
    I hope your stall goes really well, you’ve got some lovely products to make a display with. The blankets may not sell, but they will attract attention! I love the mustard flower brooch with the blue button (let me know if it doesn’t sell, I would buy it!) the puff hearts are so cute, think I might have a go at one of them. Xx

    1. Glad I’m not alone. We should form a team. We need someone with a sad face and, maybe a happy face would be a good idea!
      Thank you! I’ll definitely keep you updated with how things went. I’m sure I’ll have some leftovers… X

  3. Oh I bet it will go well. Those felt designs are gorgeous & those hearts are lovely , I’ve pinned that pattern.
    I did laugh at your ‘bitch resting face’ comment 🙂 , I may have one myself ha! I’d buy the key rings & the little felt pieces . Good luck !!

  4. I really hope it goes well for you after all that effort. You’ve made so much and your tables going to look fabulous – don’t forget to take some photos for us!

  5. Ha ha, bitchy resting face, love it! Your makes are amazing, I’m sure you’ll do really well. Takes me back to my craft fair days when I made soaps. All the best of luck, looking forward to seeing how it goes xx

  6. Oh wow, so much cool stuff! I especially love your little felt creations – I’d have a hard time parting with that kitschy cherry if I were you – and your blankets are beautiful too. I hope it went well on the day! 😀

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